20 Celebrities Who Have Beaten Cancer

After we’ve seen celebrities on the red carpet, big screen and TV, we forget that they are human, just like us. They suffer too and they are not safe from tragedies such as cancer. But the celebrities on our list have been a true inspiration for people all over the world. They got into a battle against cancer – and came out as winners.

1. Sharon Osbourne

She is best known for being Ozzy Osbourne’s wife and a star in The Osbournes, a reality show following the lives of her family. After that, she has managed to make her name by hosting her own talk show and being one of the judges in The X Factor and America’s Got Talent. When she was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2002 she insisted that The Osbournes continues filming. She wanted to document her battle with cancer. Soon she found out that the disease was more serious than originally thought, since it had spread on the lymph nodes. But she didn’t give up and she received successful therapy and a surgery removing the cancer completely.

The struggle with the disease was very hard on the family. Her son allegedly tried to commit suicide depressed by his mother’s condition. After her battle with cancer she founded her own Sharon Osbourne Colon Cancer Program. She was also invited to speak about her struggle with the disease at different events and she donated money to the research of breast cancer.

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  • Roberto De León González

    Great list – inspiring for those who are only now starting the fight against cancer.

  • Rafael Graça

    where’s Anastacia? 2 breast cancer batles!

  • Katrien Cornelis

    so..why is angelina joie in this list?Indeed, should’ve put anatacia in there