21 Things You Wouldn’t Expect To Be Dirtier Than Your Toilet

1. Handheld Devices

Most of us become squeamish with the thought of touching toilet seats, especially if they happen to belong to toilets that are not our own. But did you know that you are probably touching something dirtier than a toilet seat most of the day?

Every time we are in contact with our handheld devices we don’t realize that these things are totally dirtier than a toilet seat! Yikes.

Consider your smartphone/tablet and think about how often it comes in contact with your grimy paws, rubs on your face and catches traces of sweat, makeup and dead skin cells. How many times have you sweated on it at the gym or how many times have you touched your devices after taking a dump (don’t lie!)?

Now, consider, how often you actually sterilize the thing? If you are anything like the majority of human beings, the answer is: NEVER.

Your smartphone, yeah, it’s about 10 TIMES dirtier than a toilet seat. 

It’s even worse for your tablet, it’s about 30 TIMES dirtier than a toilet seat.

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