25 Must Do’s On Your First Day of Work

1. Read Up About The Company

Reading up about the company is the kind of advice you would give to someone who’s only interviewing for a position, but this advice can also be just as helpful for when you finally land that job. Going into the office on day one can be quite daunting. Especially since you don’t know anybody, you’re not sure what the office environment will be like, and not even sure what your job entails exactly.

Reading up about the company can not only give you the right answers for when your interviewer asks “So why did you decide to join us? Do you know what our company is about?” but it also gives you some sort of background to what you can expect on your first day. 

You could look your company up online and find some recent news about the charities they support or the activities they sponsor in your community. Knowing about these things can make you feel a little bit less like an outsider and will give you an idea about some of the things your new colleagues are talking about.

Being the new kid is no fun but if you come in prepared and ready to dive into work, the transition from newbie to department’s greatest asset will be a smoother one.

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