26 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Alcohol Addicts

2. Lindsay Lohan

The fact that Lindsay Lohan considers herself a rehab expert tells us a lot.  She has been to rehab so many times that even she could have problems counting them.

As a teenager, Lohan was responsible and didn’t go to high school parties and certainly didn’t use to drink. The first time she got drunk was at the age of 17, when her mother made her sleep with her vomit to punish her.

Even though she has been to rehab many times and has experienced countless relapses, Lohan states that she doesn’t consider herself to be an alcoholic, since she has never woken up and had a drink in the morning. But she does admit drinking too much when she was younger.

In 2010 when she entered the Betty Ford Center she stated that she was working hard to overcome her addiction and that she was taking positive steps. She also said that she was aware that her addiction is a disease which will not disappear over night.

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  1. Sad, but True. Only the lonely. There’s only one place for me …and that’s near the……BREW…..Just a Thought!!!

  2. Where do these writers come from, under rocks? 3/4 of those people are well known addicts. Good grief. This article sounds like it was written by a 21 year old.

  3. Even though it was common knowledge (only an alcoholic thinks nobody knows), why did you have to publish this? Is a medical condition anybody’s business except the sufferer and his doctor. I’ve only been sober a decade and I certainly don’t want anyone bringing up the past. Someone offers me a drink and I don’t say “No, I’m a alcoholic”. I lie and say “I’m on medication.”

    • What can’t you just say “no thank you”?

      • The problem with too many people is they don’t take NO for an answer. I haven’t drank in 32 years and I still have people that can’t take no for an answer. It starts with the taunting just like when I was a kid. When ppl say no, leave them alone, I too have had to make up reasons to not be bothered

    • True freedom comes when you can lose the shame. No need to lie. Just say, no thank you. If they persist, say, no thank you, again. You’re right. It’s no one’s business.

    • Being a liar is MUCH better than being a drunk.

    • Sorry to hear that Lewis. No it isn’t anyone business, and the gossip of people ugh, but I agree with you with they shouldn’t have made it known about their lives. I never had anyone try to push me to having a drink. Well I’m proud that you have gone 10 yrs, congratulations.

  4. Alcohol addicts? I thought the correct terminology was called alcoholics.

    • If you have money, you are an alcohol addict…on the other hand if you are poor you are just an alcoholic… 😉

    • next… the’ll be calling them ‘Alcohol special needs people’

  5. uncorrectedvision

    Ever time I see Robert Downey Jr. in action, I say a little prayer for his continued sobriety. He is very talented.

  6. Mickey Mantle the greatest baseball player ever? Has the writer ever heard of Babe Ruth, Joe DiMagio, Ted William or Ty Cobb. All of whom were better players and contributed more to the success of their team and humanity.
    Additionally, as alcoholic, Mantle should not have received a liver transplant. The liver should have gone a more deserving person (non-alcoholic).

  7. I love Anthony Hopkin. He talks like a boss and walks like a boss. Alcoholic? No. He is the Boss. Get it real and don’t judge.

  8. Jamie Lee is a true goddess. She don’t need no additives, she is real.