12 Ways to Make Money from Your Blog

3. Advertising space

You can earn money from your blog by selling (or more precisely – renting) some space on your page where advertisers will post their banners. Doing this means not having to deal with ‘the middle man’ and getting paid more than you usually would, as you can set your own price and advertisers can agree with the amount of money they’re supposed to pay, or negotiate the terms. This type of advertising can bring you lots of money if you have lots of traffic (because if you don’t you won’t attract any advertisers).

You can make such a deal by agreeing on a fixed price with the advertisers and ‘renting’ space on your website for a certain (agreed on) amount of time. This way of making money can be a little more lucrative than the previously mentioned methods, but it also requires more of your time (in order to manage the entire process).

For you and your advertisers to make money this way, the content of their ads needs to be useful to your readers. Moreover, to keep your clients (read: advertisers) happy, you should maintain good communication with them constantly and always let them know of any changes to your site.

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