15 fascinating facts about North Korea

3. There are only 28 hairstyles approved by the state

According to the Telegraph’s report, North Korea has implemented state-sanctioned hairstyles for both men and women. Women can choose from only 14 styles, while married women are faced with even less choices, as they are instructed to keep their haircuts short. Single women on the other hand are allowed to wear longer hair, and they can ‘even’ have curly locks.

When it comes to men, they are not allowed to grow hair longer than two inches. That’s if they are young. However, when it comes to older men, they are permitted to grow hair as long as 3 inches.

These hairstyle limits are nothing new to North Korea. In 2005 a Korean TV program issued a series of haircut guidelines for the modern socialist lifestyle. However, Kim Jong Un’s hairstyle isn’t on the list of allowed ones for the common folks. Normal people have to settle for conformity, while exceptions are saved only for the elite.

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