36 Funny Ways to Burn Calories

Some people cannot drag their asses to the gym if that’s the last thing they can do. That’s too bad, really. Because exercise can help boost your health. And if you’re trying to lose some weight, you have to start burning some calories. You can’t do that while lying on your bed dreaming of finally being able to wear that awesome pair of skinny jeans, can you?

Thankfully though, long runs on the treadmill and pumping some iron aren’t the only ways to burn calories. Here are 36 fun (and funny) ways to burn calories for every one too lazy (or too busy) to squeeze in some gym time.

1. Chew gum.

Chewing gum isn’t only good for freshening up your breath. The whole exercise actually burns off 11 calories for every 12 minutes of chewing time. So even if you have constantly told your kids to stop gum chomping, you should totally pop in a few yourself.

Or if gum isn’t really your style…

2. Eat popcorn.

Your teeth exert effort every time they crunch on popcorn. Yes, eating popcorn is work and work burns up calories. Just make sure you ditch the salt and butter and go with plain popcorn, otherwise your effort is in vain.

Or you know what…

3. Just chew your food.

If you still haven’t figured it out, just the simple act of chewing anything burns calories. So make sure you chew your food and chew them well. Here’s another upside. Foods in the whole state require the body to burn a bit hotter. That’s because on top of chewing, your body also needs to start digesting. Think about that the next time you lazily opted for the 60-calorie apple juice over the 60-calorie medium sized fruit.

4. Fix up the car.

A 150-pound person who decides to pop the hood and get down and dirty for half an hour not only burns approximately 100 calories, but he also saves himself some money from calling the mechanic.

5. Walk before breakfast.

Walking boosts metabolism. By walking before eating your first meal of the day, you help your body burn calories left over from the day before. Set a medium pace and walk 20 minutes and you can easily get rid of 100 calories.

Not a fan of walking?

6. Bike.

Pedaling for 15 minutes, even at a moderate pace, can help a 150-pound person torch approximately 100 calories.

7. Take the stairs.

Why waste time waiting for the elevator when you can be improving your physique instead? Climbing stairs can help burn up to 10 calories per minute. Climbing down can burn a third of that, too.

Or you can make it even better by…

8. Skipping.

Instead of taking the stairs step by agonizing step, start skipping steps. It will burn more calories while working your leg muscles at the same time.

9. Play Frisbee.

Chasing and tossing a disk around will help you lose 102 calories in half an hour. That’s more than what wave-splashing or sleeping on the beach can do for you.

10. Play billiards.

Movie night is fun and all. But sitting for 2 hours munching on buttered popcorn will not help your weight loss goals. So get more active. Try a game of pool the next time you go out with your friends. Just 35 minutes of pool can help a 150-pound woman ditch 99 calories and it’s just as good for the guys as well.

11. Go bowling.

If a local bar and some pool don’t sound like a fun night to you, then try bowling instead. Indulge your competitive streak and toss some balls. Even if they all end up in the gutter, you still lose 102 calories in just half an hour.

12. Some ping pong.

Not a pool wizard or a fan of bowling? Then try some basement ping pong and easily kill 113 calories in 25 minutes, even if you lose.

13. Go canoeing.

Paddle a canoe instead of just lazing on the shore. The exercise will tone your arm muscles and burn 102 calories every 30 minutes.

If all the paddling doesn’t sound appealing, then try a different kind of weekend afternoon.

14. Fish.

Go fish! For this activity, all you need to do is stand by the riverbank for 25 minutes with your pole in the water. You burn 99 calories and may even catch dinner.

15. Test your gardening skills.

Weeding, planting and crawling around in the dirt can help you lose 113 pounds in just 25 minutes. Therefore, you don’t only end up with nicely spruced up grounds, you also manage to shrink in size while the garden grows.

16. Jump rope.

Jumping rope for 10 minutes will burn 113 calories. It may not look like it but this actually gives you some intense cardio workout.

17. Snorkel.

Snorkeling involves a lot of paddling around while you try to see some pretty fishies. What you don’t realize is just 20 minutes of that melts off 113 calories.

18. Cook.

The whole process of chopping, sautéing and assembling food for 45 minutes will also burn 102 calories. It might be better, though, if you end up cooking a hearty and fresh meal.

19. Eat spicy food.

Spicy food has been known to boost metabolism. So go ahead and eat those chili peppers and mustard seeds.

20. Sit on a balance ball.

If it’s possible, get a balance ball and sit on it while you work at your desk. The effort required to maintain your balance burns off calories at the same time.

21. Shake your legs.

Balance ball not quite workable? Ok then. Sit on your regular chair and start shaking your legs. The activity burns of calories.

22. Stand up.

If you’re tired of sitting down all day, then stand up. It’s so simple and easy and burns 33% more calories than sitting down. Remember that the next time you have to wait in line.

23. Stand on tip toes.

Want your whole standing up activity to be more challenging? Do it on tip toes. It puts additional pressure on the body and burns more calories than plain standing up can. It also helps you strengthen your calves.

24. Eat while standing.

If you haven’t realized it, this article pretty much tells you to stand whenever possible. It keeps the body stretched and the calories burning.

25. Start pacing.

Whether you’re talking on the phone or arranging your schedule, you can use the time to pace instead of just standing still. It’s like walking but you won’t even feel that you’re already exercising and burning calories off.

26. Rearrange your furniture.

Got nothing to do and nowhere to go on a weekend afternoon? Spend half an hour rearranging your furniture and knock off 266 calories in the process.

27. Turn up the music.

While you’re at it, might as well make it enjoyable. Blast some upbeat tunes that encourage movement and burn even more calories off as you move faster.

28. Text like crazy.

Yep, finally something beneficial to come out of all the texting you do. One straight hour of texting burns an amazing 132 calories. Tweeting works, too.

29. Laugh.

They say laughter is the best medicine. When it comes to weight loss, it may just be true, too. Laughing for 15 minutes straight burns 50 calories.

30. Apply some lip gloss.

For every 765 times you coat your lips with gloss, you burn 100 calories.

31. Take a cold shower.

The cold makes the body work harder at maintaining the core temperature and will burn at least 100 calories in the process.

32. Give a massage.

Massaging anyone for 30 minutes burns 145 calories. Doing somebody a favor has never been more rewarding.

33. Blowdry Hair

A 30-minute blow dry session burns 100 calories.

34. Shop

Here’s another excuse to go shopping. Walking across aisles burns calories. More, if you do it fast.

35. Sleep

Adequate sleep pushes the hunger hormone levels down and makes you eat less without even trying.

36. Meditate

A calorie-busting move that requires no movement, what else can you ask for?

So you see, you don’t need to go to the gym to start burning calories. A combination of any of the above works just fine, too.