40 Amazing Beers Around the World

Who needs 80 days when you have 40 beers and a beer opener? We have gathered all our intel, made a list of 40 amazing beers around the world, and we are ready to set off on our beer journey. Starting from Denver, Colorado, going south to Mexico, Argentina and Brazil, then passing through the treacherous waters to Australia, making our way to Asia, stopping in Europe (stopping a lot actually) for a cold sudsy or two, and ending our journey back in the U.S. at the Beer Culture bar in Hell’s Kitchen, New York.

Take out your world map, bring your beer goggles and let’s start the adventure!

1. The Flying Dog

“Good people drink good beer”, and we couldn’t agree more with what the legendary gonzo journalist, Hunter S. Thompson, said. With its unique approach to beer, the Flying Dog brewery based in Denver, Colorado brings out the inner artist in every beer lover in the world, as Ralph Steadman, a prolific gonzo artist, is the one who has been creating original art for the Flying Dog’s labels since 1995 – just the way we like it, art that comes with beer.

The brewery has to offer 10 different types of beer year-round, but our lips have tasted only 2 of their beautiful, tasty, magnificent beers:

  • Gonzo Imperial Porter: 2% alc/vol, mysteriously dark with roasted chocolate and coffee, and with a hint of vanilla – this beer will get you drunk and laugh in your face. What else to expect from a beer made in honor of Hunter S. Thompson.
  • Flying Dog Pale Ale: well this is the leader of the pack, with its citrusy and grassy aromas it will go with almost anything, and with “only” a 5.5% alc/vol you will be able to drink a couple of them before ending up beneath the table.

We recommend that you also try Snake Dog India Pale Ale, The Truth Imperial IPA and the Double Dog Double IPA.

2. Escorpion En Fuego (99 Scorpions)

This Imperial Mexican Lager is made by the Unknown Brewing Company based in Charlotte, NC. All right, we admit, it’s not a full-blooded Mexican beer but it beats Corona.

The beers full name is La Jordana del Escorpion en Feugo Hasia la Casa del Chupacabra Muerto, which translates into “The Path of the Fiery Scorpion through the House of the Dead Chupacabra”, or something like that. Just like any other imperial Mexican beer it is brewed with seranno peppers and agave nectar. Oh, and one more thing – 99 scorpions. When asked whether the scorpions will affect the taste of the beer, the owner Bred Shell just responded “Don’t really know, but that really isn’t the point. Beer needs scorpions, that’s the point. Some things just need to happen.”

All we know is that it’s scorpion-tastic, and with a 10.1% alc/vol it packs a mighty punch.

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