40 Amazing Beers Around the World

3. Labatt Blue Lager

Before heading over to Mexico we bought ourselves a pack of Labatt Blue to keep us company during the trip. If you didn’t know, Labatt Blue is the best selling Canadian beer in the world and our northern neighbors can’t get enough of it. The working-man’s beer, cheap and not too strong with a 5% alc/vol it will get the job done and quench your thirst.

Easy to drink, but lacks the excitement – it’s like driving a Mustang without ever going over 60mph. And that is not the American way! I think I’d rather have a Heineken.

If you like playing it safe this is the beer for you. If not, then go for something more adventures. Something more like…

4. Negra Modelo

A Mexican beer you are probably well aware of, as it has been exported to the U.S. all the way back since the early ‘80s. This is a dark Munich-type beer, with a bitter-sweet taste, light and carbonated. A very drinkable beer I have to say, and with every sip of it you will like it even more.

Definitely my favorite Mexican beer and the best go-to beer in every Mexican restaurant. For an amber lager it is not heavy at all, and with a 5.3% alc/vol I can see myself lying on a beach on a hot day and drinking gallons of it without feeling like I’m going to pass out.

With a bit more richness of taste it could have been one of the best beers in the world.

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