5 Best Paid Hourly Jobs

You may think that a monthly salary brings more money, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case.

Many hourly jobs bring more profit than regular monthly salaries, and they often come with other good benefits too. For example, there is the flexibility many would wish to have.

According to last year’s data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, we have comprised a list of the 5 best paid hourly jobs that have also become very popular among job seekers.

1. Administrative Assistants and Secretaries

These employees are needed in every company, organization, or corporation to perform organizational duties. The pay varies from industry to industry and it also depends on the variety of obligations the employee needs to attend to, as well as on the complexity of the task. Some of the highest paid secretaries and administrative assistants are those who work for top executives and their rate goes up to $25.76 per hour, but a more realistic pay that most assistants and secretaries receive is around $18.63 per hour, which is still good considering that many people work for much less.

2. Dental Assistants

A dental assistant is the link between the dentist and the patient, and they make sure that the patient is well taken care of. They assist the dentist through treatment procedures and perform all other necessary assisting duties that law permits them. They also sometimes keep records and do lab work.

Different institutions and states require different levels of education for this position, but usually to get a job like this you either need to have a degree from an accredited program and a state certification or a license, or commit to on-the job training. Some dental assistants work part time, some full time, others only during weekends, but the average hourly pay for all of them is around $17.43 per hour.

3. Construction Workers

Construction workers usually work outside, at construction sites, and their obligations vary from preparing construction sites to working on the machines, helping to build or tear down buildings or roads, etc.

Some construction workers work for themselves while others are employed by a company. Most of them need to be trained briefly before they start the job, in order to meet the requirements of the employer. There are some construction workers who specialize in certain areas of construction work, and that brings them a higher hourly pay. An average wage for a construction worker is around $17.19 per hour.

4. Delivery Service Truck Drivers

Delivery service truck drivers’ job is to pick up, drop off and carry goods though a country or a city. Basically, what they need to do is carry goods from the distribution center to various delivery locations. Some also sell the products they carry, and they recommend some products to potential customers while delivering the goods. To be able to perform this job, people need to have a driver’s license and often need to complete on-the-job training. An average hourly pay for a delivery service truck driver is around $16.28.

5. Assemblers and Fabricators

These laborers typically work in factories and their job is to construct or assemble products such as aircrafts and toys. Their responsibilities may also include testing the quality of the product once it is complete. To get a job like this, a person usually needs a high school diploma and at least some experience. If a person has acquired a higher degree education, the position they get may bring more benefits and a higher paycheck. For instance, an aircraft assembler with technical knowledge can earn around $24.43 per hour, while without that knowledge an average hourly pay is around $15.25.