5 Extreme Vacations for Adventurers

The famous Amelia Earhart once said, “Adventure is worthwhile in itself”. Adventurers enjoy the world in different ways – some prefer to see the world in a slow pace, and there are those who wish to enjoy it with someone special. Others want their adrenaline pumping. Those adventurers who crave for excitement and adrenaline can take extreme vacations around the world.

Here are 5 vacations that can definitely make your heart racing and blood boiling throughout your trip:

Enjoy the Deadly Waters in Australia 

There is nothing leisurely when you swim with crocodiles in Australia’s Crocosaurus Cove. This theme park in Darwin City, Australia allows visitors to enter the “Cage of Death”, a nine-feet high acrylic container lowered in an aquarium. For 20 exhilarating minutes, participants get up close and intimate with a 16-foot scaled creature. Watch the salt water crocodiles swim around and get fed with buffalo meat or fish right in front of you. There will be a mix of fear and excitement within you, as massive reptiles swim around to see you eye-to-eye.

Face the Jaws in Africa 

If reptiles do not impress you, then perhaps the great white shark will have your heart pumping. Head over to the great white shark capital of the world, Gansbaai, just two hours from Cape Town, South Africa. Get into a metal cage to be submerged in water. This will lead you face to face with great white sharks, those ferocious but majestic creatures. No need to worry about your past dives as it does not require any diving experience.

Be Edgy at CN Tower in Canada 

You cannot always be on top of the world but you can get to walk on the edge of the CN Tower, one of the world’s tallest buildings. See the world below from 116 storeys or 356 meters above the ground. Participants even get to see the breathtaking views of Lake Ontario. This urban adventure allows you to walk hands-free while your heart is pounding fast. Edge Walk is now Toronto’s most extreme attraction and the world’s highest full circle hands-free walk on a 5 feet wide ledge. Do not worry, as visitors walk in groups of six. Go push your limits as you lean back over Toronto to feel the air and enjoy the views.

Feel the Bungee Heat in Chile 

Bungee jumping over a bridge no longer sounds exciting for adrenaline junkies. Now, it takes a huge amount of courage, excitement and adrenaline to have you jump out of a helicopter and into the crater of an active volcano in Chile. The Villarrica volcano is found in Pucon, Chile. It is now a popular vacation site that merely started as a set up for an MTV reality show. It is considered one of the world’s most dangerous bungee jumps, but the whole natural scenario will leave you breathless!

Ride the Currents in Arizona 

There is more than one way to see the Grand Canyon. Thrill seekers explore the Grand Canyon by facing the white water rapids of the Colorado River. Your vacation will be rewarding with hikes to waterfalls and impressive scenery of the Grand Canyon walls. It’s so popular and exciting that the National Park Service only allows one trip per person per year. It may sound restricting but the adventure typically lasts for three to eighteen days. Not bad for an adventure that will challenge your body and mind.

Extreme vacations are not just for the adventurers out there. They may be checking their bucket list one by one while you contemplate. Why not ignore the sweaty palms and throbbing heart? Set aside your fears, choose your destination, and book your extreme vacation. Afterwards, you’ll be feeling more alive than ever before. To feel alive is a grand thing.