5 Facts That Prove Life Is Smooth Sails for Beautiful People

Numerous people owe their financial and social success to their good looks. For women, fertility and vitality indicators such as full lips, wide eyes, and good-looking skin make her beautiful in the eyes of others. And the happier and brighter a person is, the more beautiful he/she looks.

Women and men obsess about their beauty, subjecting themselves to cosmetic surgeries to achieve aesthetic perfection and look more attractive and they use beauty products to keep them looking younger and more beautiful.

Of course, beauty isn’t everything. But it definitely helps people smooth-sail through life, as many things seem to be easier if you got the looks:

1. Beautiful people are more likely to get a job interview.

This actually happens quite often. A team of researchers from the University of Messina and the Marche Polytechnic University, Italy, conducted a study to analyze the advantages of being beautiful.

For the purposes of the research, 10,000 resumes were sent to potential employers. All the resumes had the same employment background and level of education, and the only differences were in the pictures of candidates and their names.

Less attractive men and women received a very low call-back rate, while attractive women and men received a high call-back rate (54% women, 47% men). This is just for getting an interview, but the research also shows that attractive people are more likely to get the job too. This shows that beautiful people have better job opportunities. This is not very fair, but it is the way the world works.

2. The more beautiful you look, the more money you’ll make.

Similarly to the case where attractive people get better jobs than those who are less attractive, a study found that attractive CEOs are usually heads of more successful companies than those CEOs who don’t have the looks.

Data collected from StatisticBran, an online statistics research service, show that people who are not considered attractive usually earn around 10% less money that those who are thought of as attractive. When you add up all the months a person spends working, the difference in earnings is significant.

The statistics also show that people with low self-esteem usually earn around $50,000 while those with high self-confidence are paid around $78,927. A person doesn’t need to be beautiful to be self-confident, but those with good looks usually are, while that’s not always the case with those less attractive.

3. Beautiful people tend to be happier.

We have talked about the financial benefits of being beautiful, but as research shows beauty also helps people be happier with themselves. This may be because beautiful people are more desirable, have higher chances of marrying, and attract more financial success.

The research team consisting of economists conducted a study which focused on analyzing 5 surveys administered in the U.S., Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom. There were over 25,000 participants who were asked to determine their level of happiness, and who were also assessed on the level of attractiveness.

The analysis showed that those who were the most attractive were 10% happier than those who were not considered attractive. This makes sense, as persons who are satisfied with the way they look are usually self-confident, more optimistic and are provided with better opportunities.

4. If you’re beautiful, you’re more likely to find a beautiful counterpart.

Beauty usually goes with beauty. Things don’t have to be so superficial and people usually fall in love with someone based on their characteristics and personality, but the fact is that beautiful people spend time with other good-looking people and are likely to find their match in that social circle.

Good-looking people are often inclined to look for a partner based on their physical characteristics, while those less attractive usually look past the looks and focus more on intelligence, passions, and personal qualities.

5. It’s easier to persuade someone into something when you’re good-looking.

Attractive people are usually better at persuading someone than those who are not considered beautiful. This is possibly due to increased self-confidence and because they are nice to look at.

It is especially easy to convince a less attractive person of the opposite gender into doing something when you’re beautiful (just take a look at beer commercials with good-looking girls). That is why beautiful people can often have lots of things handed to them and they don’t have to work too hard to get what they want.

However, not everything is in beauty. If you have the looks, but your personality is weak and your brain power could use a boost – you will be left with nothing once your beauty fades. That is why you should work on improving your mental abilities and building a good personality along with maintaining your beauty.