5 Fashion Tricks to Make Your Legs Look Longer

Having long, slender gams is every girl’s dream. Long legs are your instant way to model status. If you’re blessed with them, flaunt them. If not, yes – you can still flaunt them even without going under the knife! How to make those legs of yours look long? Well, it’s all about the clothing. You just need to find what style tricks work best for your body or which patterns create the illusion of elongated legs.

Here are some fashion tricks to make your legs look longer:

1. Match Your Shoes with Your Skin Tone 

If you’re fond of wearing shorts, skirts, or skorts, match your shoes with your skin. Wear nude colored shoes if you’re fair. If you’re dark try wearing dark nude shades like tan or brown. When you’re wearing stockings try to also match them with your shoes and to achieve the monochromatic look. When you’ve achieved that try looking at the mirror and check your legs, I’m sure that you’ll be jumping of happiness. But then again, you could wear other colored shoes – however it’s just better to match it with your skin tone to give an illusion of long legs. You can thank me later!

2. Tucked and Cropped 

Don’t wear tops that are lower than your mid-hips, you’ll definitely look short. Tuck in that long top of yours if you want to wear it but never-ever wear it without tucking it in. If you want to reverse the illusion, try wearing cropped jackets. On the other hand, you could also wear tops that end at least 1 inch from your mid-hips section for longer looking legs. You have two options, tops that end at least 1 inch above your mid-hips or a tuck in top, your choice. You’ll be looking clean and proper while at the same time achieving the long leg goal of yours.

3. High-Waist Everything

High-waist pieces can give an illusion that your waistline is higher, which means it makes your legs look long. If I were you, avoid low-waist pants, shorts and skirts – you would really look short in them. I swear. Oh! Also check the hemline of the skirt, it’s a must. Another tip, when you’re wearing shorts or a skirt, wear heels. Showing skin plus heels is a great combination for the perfect long-legs illusion. Pick the right pair of shoes for you, the illusion will become a failure if you choose the wrong one.

4. Dress and Skirt Tricks 

Dresses or skirts that are above the knee or knee length can make your legs look long by showing skin. Showing skin can visually elongate your legs, vertical-wise. Let’s go to maxi dresses or skirts – make sure that it hits around your ankle but the longer the dress or skirt, the better illusion you’ll get. But don’t wear dresses or skirts that cut at your calf, it will just make you look short. You could also try dresses or skirts that are asymmetrical. It softens the strong horizontal line at the diagonal lines of the hem.

5. Knowing the Right Pair of Shoes for You 

Boots can be tricky, better know what clothes to pair it with. For example, jeans are best paired with ankle boots. While, long skirts look cute with calf length boots. If you have slim calves, don’t pair calf length boots with short skirts or cropped pants. Try knee-high boots. What about other types of shoes? The most effective way to elongate your legs is to show skin. Yes, show skin. That means it is advisable to wear peep toed shoes or flip flop sandals. But that doesn’t mean that you should wear all shoes/heels that are peep toed. There are still some shoes/heels to avoid, like ankle strapped shoes – the straps will make your legs short.