5 Home Improvements that are Always Worth the Investment

Living in a new house is like the honeymoon stage of a relationship. You love every part of it and cannot imagine changing anything. But as years go by, you start thinking that change is necessary. Home improvements are actually quite common for home owners. But keep in mind that not every renovation project will give you a return in investment. So before you get out your yellow pad and start listing your plans, take a look at the best and most lucrative home improvements you can do.

Space, Space and More Space

Homeowners love storage space. Increasing storage space in your house does not immediately equate to adding more square footage or stealing living space. Check your attics, basements, garages and closets for unused storage space. Basements and attics tend to be drafty energy wasters if not maximized. Put that wasted space to work! You can transform a plain wall into a display showcase or add a display shelf around your kitchen. Kitchen walls can be maximized with open shelves reaching the ceiling to make room for all those utensils and ingredients. Closet space can be maximized by installing rods in two levels and adding pullout bins for your socks and undergarments.

Install Hardwood Floors

You may have the urge to splurge on carpets for your living room and bedrooms but installing hardwood is always a better investment. Carpets may appear fancy when brand new but they can easily deteriorate when not maintained properly. It can also accumulate more dirt and dust than hardwood flooring. Currently, most home buyers and owners prefer their houses with hardwood floors. Wide-plank hardwood floors are perfect for your foyers and living rooms. Putting a carpet in the bedroom is still a personal choice but you can also go for an area rug if you’re looking for that soft feel and noise reduction. You’ll see that a gleaming hardwood floor gives your living areas that “finished” appeal that can draw any visitor’s eye.

Kitchen Facelift

Ask any real estate agent and they will tell you that a kitchen upgrade will give you a 75% to 100% return of investment upon house resale. Even if you have no plans of selling your house, giving your kitchen a facelift is an excellent investment. If your appliances are more than 10 years old, it’s time to go shopping for new ones. Today’s kitchen appliances are not only visually appealing, they are also cost efficient. The cost of new ones may be expensive but it can save your hundreds in your electricity bills. Look for appliances that will match your kitchen’s design. Speaking of design, installing a new backsplash will give your kitchen a brand new personality. A colored backsplash using tiles of different hues can instantly brighten your kitchen. Skip the wallpaper, but you can upgrade your wall with new paint or patterns.

Updated Plumbing Fixtures

Any renovation or home improvement is useless if you don’t have a proper and well-maintained plumbing system. Water leaks can cause damages in your house without you noticing it. A busted kitchen sink can also require more money to repair than to maintain. If your faucet has been around for decades, consider replacing it as the finish and the interior ring have probably deteriorated. Upgrading your plumbing fixtures in the kitchen and bathroom is not only practical but also appealing. Warm metals are in trend these days giving your bathroom and kitchen the timeless feel. If you’re still bathing with an old showerhead, head to your hardware store immediately. Pick out a pan-style model if you want a rain shower bath.

Improved Curb Appeal

No matter how beautiful your house interior, it would be ignored if your front yard looks mediocre. Make your front yard appear fresh and structured. Fixing your front yard is not expensive as it may appear. Add some colorful plants and keep your grass green and trimmed. Another good investment would be a sprinkler system to keep your plants and grass fresh with little maintenance. You’ll enjoy the smell every morning as you walk out of your house while your friends will enjoy walking into your house. Another possible home improvement for your front yard is installing low-voltage landscape lighting. It makes a huge impact while providing safety and security. If you want to go green, install solar lamps. A well-maintained front yard instantly tells everyone your interiors are the same.

There are a wide range of home improvements you can do but remember to break down the cost before doing any of them. While some may appear exciting such as your own home office or a sunroom, they are usually not worth the investment. Stick to the basics and get your money’s worth.