5 Most Bizarre Alcoholic Beverages Ever

You may consider yourself a cocktail connoisseur and think that you have seen and tried it all, but hold on. In some corners of the world there are traditional beverages that will make every adventurous drinker eager to try them… and possibly regret it later. Read on to find out about some of the most bizarre (and grossest) alcoholic beverages there are.

1. Kumis (Mongolia)

Let’s start with the least disgusting one, shall we? This is something you don’t want to miss if you ever find yourself in Mongolia – fermented horse milk.

Mare’s milk, to be exact. It is said to be similar to kefir, but it is produced from a liquid starter culture, as opposed to solid kefir grains. The drink is made by fermenting the milk for hours or days, stirring it constantly so that it doesn’t coagulate. Since it is made out of mare’s milk, instead of cow’s or goat’s, it contains a higher percentage of alcohol after being fermented. Higher, but still mild – it contains between 0.7 and 2.5 percent of alcohol – so don’t expect to get drunk from this one.

2. Seagull Wine (Arctic Circle)

This one was invented by the Eskimos, so give them some credit – they don’t really have a wine country or different foods to ferment. Still, this information doesn’t make the drink any less weird.

The first thought that you had when you read the name of this drink (the one you then cast aside thinking “No, that would be too gross!”) was probably the right one. It is actually made out of a seagull. A dead one, stuffed into water and left to ferment for some time. Yes, you read that one right. Even though most of us can hardly imagine drinking something that had a dead bird in it, the ones who tried it do say that it will get you drunk. But the question is: will it make you drunk enough to forget what you just drank…

3. Baby Mouse Wine (China and Korea)

If you thought it couldn’t get any more horrifying than seagull wine, think again. This drink is actually pretty popular in the countries it originates from. It is still a mystery to us why it is so…

So, if you ever wanted to make this wine, all you would need is… well, a few dead baby mice. Of course, first they would be alive, but you would need to drown them in vats full of rice wine. Let us just remind you at this point that we didn’t invent any of these. Ok, so let’s move on: to make sure there is no fur in your drink (because THAT is what would make it awful), the mice mustn’t be older than 3 days. So, drown them in rice wine and put them in a dark, dry place for a year – and there you have it!

This drink is said to get you real drunk real fast, and the legend has it that it also cures most diseases known to man. Is this information enough to make you want to try it?

4. Snake Wine (Vietnam)

You’re still curious? Alrighty then! If the mice didn’t freak you out, this should…

As you can assume, snakes are considered in this part of the world as a source of health and vitality. That’s why stuffing a whole snake into whiskey or rice wine and later drinking the thing totally makes sense. If you are suffering from impotence, baldness or anything in between, try this potion and it is going to cure all your problems… or so they say.

There is even a village near Hanoi called, appropriately, Snake Village, where they serve the freshest snake wine in the world. You can also try killing your own snake, if you are up for this sort of thing…

5. The Sourtoe Cocktail (Canada)

Save the best (or in this case – the worst) for last. If you stuck around until the end of this text, here is an award for you: a beverage containing a human body part!

And not just any part – the Downtown Hotel in Dawson City, Canada has a very special treat for their customers. It is a Yukon Gold whiskey that contains… there is no nice way to put this… a dehydrated human toe. A real one, thus the name “Sourtoe Cocktail”. And, it is suggested by the bartenders over there to let the toe touch your lips when drinking it, for a special experience.

Here’s a piece of advice: if you decide to go and visit the Downtown Hotel and try the Sourtoe Cocktail, be careful not to swallow the toe. Not only is it gross, but it will also cost you $2500, which you will have to pay to the hotel.

Bon appétit!