5 Myths About Vegan Diet

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There are many kinds of vegan or vegetarian diet around us that it can be quite confusing. Some say that vegans don’t eat meat and other meat products, some say they do. In any case, to make it simple for all of us, this article will be talking about people whose diet are mainly composed of vegetables, don’t eat meat but still eats other meat products like dairy.

No Proteins in Vegetables

Many people say that proteins can only be found in meat, which is completely untrue. Vegetables also contain protein. You can have the required amount of protein in a vegan diet if you only know what to eat. Beans and lentils are just two examples of great sources of protein in a vegan diet.

Going Vegan Means Getting Slimmer

Not true. Going on a vegan diet means you don’t eat meat, it doesn’t mean you don’t eat other food products like cake, French fries and donuts. These foods don’t help you get slimmer, it actually makes you heavier and unhealthier. So if your goal in becoming a vegan is to lose weight, make sure that you strictly follow proper dietary guidelines and avoiding foods that are not healthy for your body.

Going Vegan is Expensive

This idea is propagated by people who are against vegetarians. Just going to the market or to your local grocery can make you see the big difference in the value of vegetables and meats. If you’re going to compare the price of a pound of meat to a pound of broccoli, you can figure it out yourself. Eating meat is not only expensive, it also contributes to more health issues if taken in excess.

It’s Boring

Nobody can say that eating vegetables is boring. It’s all in the mind. There are numerous recipes available that can prove this otherwise. What’s great about being a vegan is that there are more products that you can experiment with and taste. There are many vegetables around us that beg our attention to be tasted and tried. These experiments are bound to make a vegan’s life exciting and colorful.

Pregnant Women Shouldn’t Go Vegan

Although it may be true that pregnancy might not be the best time to experiment with eating habits, an expecting mom who is already following a vegan diet is more likely to avoid diabetes and high blood problems. In this case it is better to consult a doctor for the health of the mother and the baby.


Whatever kind of eating policy you have, it’s best to keep in mind that everything has to be kept in a balance. Before you go into any kind of life-changing diet, you must make sure that you are aware of the vitamins and nutrients that your body needs as well as sources where to get them. Being a vegan is way of life for many people because they find that eating naturally occurring foods are healthier than others. And they have already researched what they need to know to keep themselves nourished.