5 Obvious Reasons Why Spending Money on Experiences is Smart

Today, spending money is easy, if you have it. We live in a consumerist world and you can literally buy anything you want (except people and love, and even that’s not always the case).

Whenever you start reading a magazine or turn on the TV, you’ll see an abundance of commercials aiming to get you to buy some product. And you can. But wouldn’t it be better to spend the money you have on experiences, rather than on some expensive restaurant, or an electronic device you’ll never use, a piece of clothing you’ll probably never wear or a gym membership you’ll probably forget about?

Experiences will bring more enjoyment and happiness into your life than any material thing will be able to. Here are the obvious reasons why spending money on experiences (rather on material things) is smart:

1. Experiences help you realize what your passions are.

Not spending money on experiences usually means not going through them and failing to discover what your passions are. How could you know what your passion is if you haven’t tried anything? When you find the thing you’re passionate about, it should be your guide when choosing a career path and building your life.

However, this doesn’t mean you should be spending money on everything that sounds interesting. You should think about whether you enjoy a particular activity more than anything else and then focus on that.

For example, if you enjoyed writing essays in school, and you can see yourself being a writer, you should use money to pay for experiences that will guide you on that path.

2. Experiences help you see the world from another perspective.

Interacting with other cultures and different people can really help you think out of the box and become more open minded. Travelling can give you that experience, as well as a special kind of education you can’t get at school.

It is not just education that you should be after, but going to new places and seeing new things as well – it will keep you fresh and more positive, as well as more open to other such experiences.

3. Through new experiences you learn life lessons.

Experiences will teach you things about life that you can’t learn in a classroom. You will learn to be patient, organized, and understanding of certain processes, people and customs.

For example, travelling is an experience that will teach you to be organized (as you need to pack your things, come to the station/airport on time, etc.) and accepting of other people (as you will need to interact with various types of people), and many other things. Going to a theater will teach you to appreciate art and the commitment of those performing.

Each and every experience will teach you important things which will be useful in life. These lessons are very much worth paying for, even though it may not seem like that at first.

4. Through experiences you will acquire memories which you will never forget.

Experiences will give you undeniably unforgettable and joyful memories that will enrich your life. You will gladly remember them in all stages of your life, but those happy memories will be particularly useful if you’re going through a dark period in life.

Happy experiences such as taking part in a student exchange program or an educative seminar, taking a holiday with friends or any other fun experience you can think of should be a part of everyone’s life as it will bring joy as well as a positive attitude towards life.

5. Experiences will get you out of your comfort zone.

Some experiences will challenge you, or require you to make an effort, and they may make you uncomfortable at first, but when you go through it you will be happy you did.

For example, going to places you’ve never been or climbing a mountain top are challenging actions, but they will give you a sense of fulfillment. Going to a karaoke party and singing even if you have never done such a thing before will be an experience you’ll appreciate. Through such experiences, you will realize you are braver and more capable than you thought you were.

Some of these experiences can help you face your fears and overcome them, some will help you reach your full potential and some will just be fun, but every experience will be worth your while and your money, much more than buying some material thing ever would.