5 Rappers Who Have Really Killed People

1. Mac Minister

Once, Mac Minister was an up-and-coming MC from the Bay Area, but he got caught up in an ongoing war between the East and West Coast. He was making a name for himself in the underground scene and even worked with Snoop Dogg and Too $hort. But Mac Minister didn’t get any mainstream media attention until he was identified as the murderer of Anthony “Fat-Tone” Watkins and Jermaine “Cowboy” Akins, opposing rappers who were lured to Las Vegas on the promise of meeting up with a record label only to be gunned down and buried at a construction site. The murder was out of retaliation for the killing of rapper Mac Dre.

Now, Mac Minister was easily linked with the murders thanks to camera footage, but he quickly fled the country, while a female witness was found dead just two days later. Mac became one of Americas most wanted criminals and almost a year later he was finally apprehended and sentenced to life in prison with no parole.

2. Gucci Mane

What is it with rappers and their blood-feuds? Once upon a time Young Jeezy and Gucci Mane were besties, but their beef started in 2005 when the two of them got into an explosive argument about who owned the rights to their joint hit So Icy. At one point Young Jeezy put a $10,000 bounty on Mane’s head – now that’s a good friend.

And here’s where things culminated – 5 men, including Jeezy’s good friend Pookie Loc, decided to break into Gucci’s house and take him out. Gucci, obviously, fought back and managed to fend off the attackers. Four men fled the scene, but Pookie Loc was left dead. His body was found half-buried near a middle school.

Of course, Gucci was found not guilty as his claims of self defense were just too strong (which makes sense if you get attacked by 5 men in your own home). In the manner of a true rapper Gucci bragged about his trophy kill in his 2012 song Truth – “Go dig your partner up nigga, bet he can’t say shi*t!”

3. Earl Hayes

Young rapper Earl Hayes, better known for being Floyd Mayweather’s friend and being connected with his Money Team, left everyone in disbelief when he killed his wife Stephanie Mosley in December 2014. Soon after, he took his own life. According to sources, Mayweather was FaceTiming with Earl just minutes before the murder took place. Apparently, Earl accused his wife of cheating him with Trey Songz and eventually killed her in a fit of anger.

4. C-Murder

This rapper isn’t called the way he is for no reason and he was actually doing pretty good with some high profile collaborations – he was digging his way to the top of the US hip hop scene.

But, it seems C-Murder has an ego which could fill up Madison Square Garden. Namely, at a gig in Louisiana he murdered a 16-year old fan because he beat him in a rap battle. Witnesses claim that C-Murder pulled out a gun after being demolished by his teenager fan.

Even though there were numerous witnesses, the trial was a long one. Many of the witnesses were paid off or threatened, but nonetheless C-Murder was given a life sentence, which didn’t seem to bother him too much.

5. Cassidy

Cassidy is probably the most influential rapper on our list and he even had a couple of Billboard chart-toppers, such as I’m a Hustler. But his career took a downward spiral when he was arrested on June 17, 2021 on accounts for murder, attempted murder, reckless endangerment, aggravated assault, conspiracy and weapons possession.


Allegedly, Cassidy and two other men armed with 9mm caliber pistols and a variant of the AK47 opened fire on 3 unarmed men in the West Oak Lane neighborhood in Northwest Philadelphia. One Desmond Hawkins was killed in the shooting. Cassidy was sentenced to 11-and-a-half to 23 months in jail for two counts of aggravated assault, in addition to possession of an instrument of crime. Fellow rapper Ar-Ab claims it was him who actually killed Hawkins and that Cassidy didn’t shoot anyone.