5 Romantic Summer Getaway Ideas

Summer getaways create in your mind a picture of relaxation, adventure and first-time experiences. These adventures become even more meaningful when you go through them with somebody special.

Below are some of the most romantic places to spend a summer of adventure and discovery with your significant other.


Riga is exactly how you would imagine a romantic getaway for you and your sweetheart to be. Rich architectural culture set on a backdrop of unspoilt nature, picturesque beaches and gourmet food. Start your trip by exploring the city by roaming the cobble stone streets and marvelling at the 16-18th century architecture which flanks the streets on both sides. Take a peek at some of the most beautiful examples of art nouveau architecture in the Art Nouveau district, which is just a little bit farther away from the Old Town.

See the rest of Riga on a boat ride. Paddle through the Old Town of Riga on a little pedal boat or enjoy a relaxing ride on a tourist boat. In the evening, enjoy Riga’s nightlife and get a taste of Riga Black Balsam, an alcoholic drink that is decidedly Riga. Have your Riga Black Balsam at the Black Magic bar in Old Town for the best version of the drink, or have it on the 26th floor of the Radisson Blu Hotel Latvija for a spectacular view of the city.


Hoping for a romantic weekend getaway while staying close to nature? Consider “glamping” at the Resort at Paws Up, Montana. Lying under the stars with the one you love gives you an intoxicating feeling of being enveloped in romance—until the mosquitoes come for a bite or two, that is.

Get the romantic feel of a starry night out, but with all the creature comforts top of the line hotel service can provide at the Resort at Paws Up. All rooms and tents have electricity, heated floors and room service.

There are numerous activities at your disposal. Some of the guests go dog sledding, and go on river or ranch activities. A favorite among guests is the Montana horseback riding tour where you get a taste of old school cowboy life and get a chance to sink in the Montana scenery.

Most of the Resort’s satisfied guests have commented on how luxurious and magical the place is, all the while maintaining the Montana ranch experience. The place is beautiful and the staff unbelievably attentive, and the only thing that can possible go wrong with this experience is that you will not want to go back home.


Nice is the perfect mix of sunny weather, a bustling city vibe and an old-world charm. Anybody from tourists and backpackers to families and honeymooners will enjoy sitting by the Mediterranean Sea, in a cafe, sipping a French press coffee.

As expected, the food is great and the art scene even better. Soak up all the creativity in Musee d’Art Moderne et d’Art Contemporain, visit Galerie Jean Renoir to check out the up and coming artists, or go to Musee National Message Biblique Marc Chagall for a collection of biblically themed paintings. Go “vins naturels” wine tasting, and indulge in one of Nice’s trendiest past times: drinking wine with minimum chemicals and sulphites.

The best way to experience Nice is really to do as the locals do. Eat local desserts like socca, which is a sort of a chickpea crepe. Or listen to modern music at any of the Niçois theatres. Go boating or get a tan by the beach. We guarantee that by the end of the trip you will be wanting more of Nice than when you first arrived.


Cavas Wine Lodge is an absolutely stunning property at the foot of the Andes in Mendoza, Argentina. The first of its kind in South America, the property is blessed by the exquisite natural beauty of Mendoza and the rich soil that makes this area a popular yet idyllic wine region. Headquartered in arguably one of Mendoza’s best hotels you can discover the province’s picturesque landscape.

Not for the faint of heart, activities include rafting, hiking and zip lining in the Andes. The view is like no other. You can also go horseback riding around the property or to and from other vineyards. As is expected of Argentina’s wine country, wine tasting tours abound. At the end of the day, when you are all but tripping over yourself from all the great quality wine you have tasted, you will be glad to know that you will be coming home to exquisite accommodations with a friendly and attentive staff.


For a taste of the exotic, whisk your lover away into a weekend at the mysterious island of Bali. Known for its pristine beaches and rich tradition, soak up the local culture, while getting pampered in any one of Bali’s world-class spas. More than the beaches and the cultural exposure, Bali is a haven for rest and relaxation.

After you’ve had your fill of R&R head on over to any one of Bali’s age old temples. Visit the iconic Tanah Lot in Tabanan. Paying homage to the sea, this temple is perched on top of a huge rock and is completely surrounded by seawater. Witness the resourcefulness of the Indonesian people in taking a hill-side and planting it with rice by shaping the hill-side into terraces.