5 Sexiest Selfies of 2015 

Come on, admit it, even if you absolutely can’t stand the selfie phenomenon, you must have taken at least one in your life. At least a secret one, for the fun of it.

Yes, there is something so appealing about taking selfies, and the world has gone mad about it. Some more than others, however. It seems that some celebs are simply addicted to taking selfies, posting one almost every day, heck every hour even. We could even say that these stars have a talent for making the perfect selfies or they have at least mastered the art of taking them.

Let’s see the very sexiest of 2015 so far.

1. Candice Swanepoel

This South African beauty surprises us with a new selfie every now and then, but this time she was real naughty. This is one of those “when-you-see-it-moments” because if you don’t see it – look again.

We all know that the Victoria’s Secret model has a gorgeous face but we have a feeling that was not what she was trying to show off in this selfie. Captioning her selfie “Hotel life” and putting her face in the foreground, Candice almost had us fooled.

So, in case you haven’t noticed it yet, let us help you – mirror mirror on the wall, who has the cutest booty of them all?

2. Amber Rose

The uncrowned queen of selfies Amber Rose is at it again. We all know pretty well how her bathroom looks, not to mention almost every inch of her body. The ex-wife of Wiz Khalifa really decided to show him what he’s missing by posting a new selfie every week. And every new one sultrier than the previous.

It was very difficult to choose only one from her numerous selfies for this list, but in this one, along with her voluptuous figure and racy lingerie, Amber posted a caption that called out all the haters and “slut shamers” and deliberately gave them something to talk about.

3. Kylie Jenner

Move aside Kim, you have a worthy successor. The Kardashian sisters are probably the best selfie takers in the whole universe, but the youngest Kardashian, Kylie, is slowly taking over the stage. The whole controversy about her fake lips put Kylie under the spotlight, and she sure knew how to take advantage of it.

In this particular one, Kylie decided to give us a preview of her bikini body ready for the summer season. We don’t even want to guess what’s real and what might be fake on her, we’re just enjoying her Instagram masterpieces.

Today Instagram, tomorrow the world.

4. Chrissy Teigen

Finally! Chrissy took a break from posting her usual decent photos of her food or her in an embrace with her lovely hubby, John Legend. And we really loved her “stretch marks” selfie where she showed fans all over the world that she is human just like everybody else.

But we have waited forever for something like this. During one photo shoot, Chrissy posted this selfie that leaves very little to the imagination. She covered just enough to keep us guessing and yearning for more. We guess we’ll have to wait for the official photos.

Let’s hope John Legend doesn’t get too jealous about this.

5. Irina Shayk

It’s a well-known fact that the stunning Russian model isn’t shy to show us her natural beauty as many of her previous selfies feature her in “I-woke-up-like-this” manner. Except, in her case, she really did wake up like that.

This 4th of July Irina delighted us with yet another selfie, but one where she is stripped of both make-up and clothes. She was kind enough to send her fans greetings from Paris, enjoying the morning in her cozy bed. And we’re liking the view.

Just to think that Bradley Copper gets to see it whenever he wants makes us envious.