5 Small Businesses Which Are On the Rise

Throughout America, after the Great Recession, people have found courage and motivation to start their own business, and many have found a way to breathe life into old crafts and professions. And some professions that were long unappreciated and considered as low-key are now on the rise and becoming more and more popular.

Here are 5 small businesses which are on the rise.

1. Butchers

Butcher corner markets lost their popularity some time ago, due to low prices offered by supermarkets, as well as the convenience those supermarkets offer – you can buy everything you need in one place.

However, prices of meat started gradually rising in the entire world, and as people were paying lots of money, they wanted a high quality product and the ability to choose. Many people stopped caring about how much more money they would have to pay, they just wanted to get good meat. But getting a nice hand-picked steak is not quite possible in a supermarket.

That paved the way for the superstars of meat, butchers who are willing to make an effort to give you what you want in the amounts you want. Now, butcher shops are being opened in most neighborhoods and that particular skill is becoming more and more appreciated.

This regained popularity may have been caused by TV cooking shows which promote buying fresh meat straight from butcher shops.

2. Shoemakers

Shoes have been in existence for centuries, but a long time has passed since every town had a shoemaker. Today, most footwear is produced in factories and there isn’t much need for shoemakers. However, people are now ready to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on shoes which would be made especially for them, and they go to the best shoemakers for that.

Shoemakers produce custom-made shoes for their customers and are gaining more popularity as we speak. Everyone wants their custom-made shoes and this, once outdated and unnecessary business, is rising and becoming successful once again.

3. Barbers

Getting your hair cut and/or beard shaved in just the right shape can be very difficult if you are not skilled to do that yourself. Throughout history, every town had a barber, but in today’s world, until recently, people shaved their entire faces or made some easy beard solutions.

During the recession, not many people had money to spend on haircuts, especially as they have never actually been cheap, but this has changed in the last 20 or 30 years. People are now ready to pay whatever it takes for their hair to be cut and beard shaved by a professional who will make them look the best they can.

Barbers are now well respected and these businesses are flourishing.

4. Bartenders

People usually bartended on their way through college, in order to earn some money, and most people didn’t really see it as a career path worth following. However, nowadays it is somewhat difficult to find a good bartender who will make your favorite drink just the way it should be made and be polite towards customers.

Popular bars are now looking for professionals in this business, those who are dedicated to their craft and pay attention to detail. Enjoyment is in the little things, and good bartenders who can improve the customers’ experience are now very appreciated.

5. Haberdashers

Hats are regaining popularity these days, and more and more of these products are being sold to both men and women. Grannies are not the only people who wear hats now, and you can see people of all ages and both genders wearing them proudly as a fashion accessory.

However, this business is yet to flourish and it could be more difficult to find a haberdasher in a small town, but every populous city now has these stores with funny names that sell hats. There are numerous hat styles and hat trends, and haberdashers are usually willing to explain a little bit about every hat in their store.

As hats are delicate fashion accessories and wearing them needs to be coordinated with your style, when buying a hat ask for the help of a haberdasher in order to choose the right one. Quality hats from haberdasheries aren’t cheap, but they can last a long time if you follow instructions on how to take care of them.