5 Tips to Go Natural with Your Skin Beauty

1. Natural beauty.

Those two words are being thrown around a lot these days. Interestingly enough, majority of the people brandishing the term are from the cosmetic industry. And they’re mostly selling products that will supposedly bring it out. That’s how we end up with “clear mascara” to highlight eyelashes while pumping up its volume at the same time. Or “nude” lipstick that gives you fuller, plumper kissers. It’s basically telling you to layer on tons of products to make you look like how nature intended you to look.
If that’s not ironic, what is?

But what really makes you a natural beauty? Is it your skin or bone structure? Maybe it’s your luscious locks? Is it your intellect? Your kind spirit? All of them?

The thing is you can be beautiful in your own skin without the help of chemicals. Ready to take the challenge? Here are a few tips to show you how you can have naturally beautiful skin.

2. Go makeup-free.

Makeup has been around for ages. You probably already heard about how even ancient Egyptians were using kohl to darken their eyes and various waxes for rouge and lipstick. Even the most famous queen of all, Cleopatra, has been said to wear makeup.

So it’s really no surprise that in these modern times, many women cannot imagine life without makeup. You know it’s true. Ask yourself, when was the last time you went out with your face au naturel? At best, you don’t remember. At worst, the very thought made you break up in hives.

It may seem strange then, to hear that you can actually be beautiful even without makeup. In fact, makeup may even be the culprit for your many skin imperfections like uneven skin tone and pimples. So by going makeup-free, you are freeing your skin and releasing its natural beauty instead.

3. Take care of your skin.

Going make-up free doesn’t necessarily mean throwing all your skin care products in the trash. It’s still important to take good care of your biggest organ. So don’t neglect daily cleansing and moisturizing. You also need to include facial masks twice a week and exfoliation in your beauty regimen. Always choose organic products, though.

And here’s an easy trick: splash your face with cold water in the morning and evening to tone your skin and close your pores.

4. Emphasize your natural features.

Each woman is uniquely beautiful. You don’t need to conform to the world’s current standard of beauty. Instead, choose to highlight your God-given natural features.

  • Shape your brows. Look at how they’re naturally shaped and follow the contour.
  • Keep your lips nourished and hydrated. Massaging them with sugar and honey using a toothbrush not only exfoliates your lips, it also makes lips soft.
  • Keep your natural hair color. Maintain its good condition by using products suitable to your hair type.

5. Get enough sleep.

How did you think the term “beauty sleep” came about?

Your skin suffers if you don’t get enough sleep. Even a few bad and sleepless nights are enough to throw your entire metabolism into a tailspin. Worse of all, lack of sleep makes the body resistant to insulin and that can lead to weight gain.

6. Love yourself.

Believe that you are beautiful without artificial help. Oftentimes, a woman’s worst enemy is her own insecurities. If you’re confident with your own unique beauty, you radiate that happiness outward. And being happy is the best beauty therapy out there.

Every person is special in his/her own right. You don’t need cosmetic products to make you beautiful. Embrace your natural beauty and love the skin you’re in.