5 Weirdest Things You Can Do With Cola

Coca- Cola is probably the most famous brand in the world, and in some areas you can even access it easier than clean drinkable water. Although the company is trying to present itself as a health conscious company, you can’t really say that drinking cola is healthy for you, and several studies have showed that drinking sodas increases the risk of heart attack, alongside some other conditions. Still, we all drink this beverage, some more and some less, and we tell ourselves that it’s all okay as long as we don’t overdo it. However, there are some things you can do with cola that clearly show that it should not be consumed (often). Here are some of the weirdest uses of Coca- Cola besides drinking.

1. Cola removes the tarnish from old pennies

Got some old rusty pennies? Not to worry! Put them inside a glass of Cola and let them rest for a while. When you get them out, you’ll have shiny pennies that will look as if they were coined a couple of days ago. If you couldn’t clean those pennies with industrial acids, just buy a can of Cola and let it do its magic!

2. You can clean your toilet with Cola

1 glass of Cola is enough, everything more than that could be too much. Cola contains carbonic and phosphoric acid which enable cola to be a cleaner. Pour the Cola around the rim of the bowl and cover all the stains inside the bowl. If some stains are hard to reach, use an old rag, soak it in Coke and apply it yourself (or use a spray bottle). Then leave the Cola to sit for at least an hour, but it won’t hurt if you leave it for longer (even overnight is fine). When it’s been inside your toilet for long enough, flush and the stains will go along with water if they weren’t too persistent. If there are some stains left, repeat the process. You’ll see your toilet cleaner than it was after you cleaned it with chemicals.

3. You can remove a gum from your hair with Cola

If you’ve got a gum stuck in your hair and don’t know a better way how to get it out, don’t worry- you won’t have to cut it. Just pour some Coke into a bowl and dip the part of your hair with gum on it inside. Leave for a couple of minutes and then simply wipe off the gum. Weird, huh?

4. You can make an exploding fountain

You probably know about this one. You can make an exploding fountain by putting a Menthos inside a two-liter bottle. Then move away from the bottle and get ready for a Coca- Cola explosion. This is a fun thing to do, but it is also a cautionary tale- don’t eat Menthos and drink Coke at the same time, because a similar thing could happen to your stomach.

5. Coke can remove greasy stains from clothing

If you don’t know what to use to remove tough, greasy stains from your clothes, consider using Coca Cola- it’s far cheaper than stain removers. All you need to do is add a can of Cola into the washing machine along with the regular detergent you’re using. Besides removing greasy stains, Coke also removes blood from clothes. This works mostly because the carbonic and phosphoric acid help break up stains. The best thing is that you don’t have to worry about your clothes falling apart- it will only deal with stains.