6 Budget-Friendly Pieces of Heaven on Earth

The world is a vast place with pieces of heaven hidden in different corners. Travelers are familiar with famous breathtaking spots like the Maldives or the Great Barrier Reef but there are places that are both heaven-like and affordable.

Here are some budget-friendly places you can visit to get a taste of heaven:

1. Wadi Rum, Jordan 

Located in southern Jordan is the Valley of the Moon or Wadi Rum. The valley of granite and sandstone is a mixed natural and cultural site. With its natural arches, towering cliffs and narrow gorges, being in Wadi Rum is like being on Mars.

You can see more than 20,000 inscriptions and petroglyphs around the area. The place is considered as the most stunning desertscape in the world, and it is famous for the setting of the film “Lawrence of Arabia”.

You can easily go around by renting a 4×4 vehicle or going on organized camel trips. A full-day tour with an overnight stay at a camp will only cost you roughly around 80 US dollars per person, for at least a group of two. You even get to enjoy the sunset and have dinner by the campfire.

If heaven was a desert, it would be Wadi Run – vast, silent and beautiful.

2. Pearl Islands, Panama

Back in the Spanish colonial times, the Spanish Conquistadors discovered an archipelago where pearls could be found. Due to the great amount of pearls, they named the archipelago Pearl Islands.

Today, you can enjoy the virgin white sand beaches and rich marine life by just renting accommodations for as low as 10 USD per day. Since the archipelago is composed of more than 250 islands, you may even get to stay on an island all by yourself. But if you want to feel the city again, you can easily take a 30-minute plane ride to Panama City.

This island paradise is a heaven for beach lovers. Bring home a pearl to remind you of this place.

3. Avarua, Cook Islands 

The Cook Islands are technically a part of New Zealand but they are more beaches than rolling hills.

The largest island is Rarotonga, but it will not feel like any of Hawaii’s commercial big islands. The only town, Avarua, is indeed a tropical paradise free from the shackles of big hotel and food chains.

You can spend a night for just 5 USD for hotel beds or 53 USD for bungalows. You can even stay at home rentals for just 235 USD per week. Enjoy the coastal plains lined with coconut palms, bananas, coffee plants, and even papayas. The turquoise lagoons and volcanic peaks are heavenly views during a serene vacation.

Visit it before it goes viral!

4. Las Trancas, Chile 

Las Trancas in southern Chile is a winter paradise that will definitely not break your bank.

A mid-range apartment will cost you just 10 USD per day, and for that small price you get to enjoy the snow as much as you want.

Go skiing or snowboarding on the beautiful slopes, then end the day with a cup of hot chocolate or relax in a hot bath tub. Being surrounded by snow in high altitudes will make you feel like you’re up in the clouds enjoying an entirely different life.

Not bad for 30 USD per month, right?

5. Ksamil, Albania 

Head over to the southern tip of Albania and visit Ksamil. It’s a small town south of Saranda.

Ksamil is a seafood and beach lover’s piece of heaven. The calm turquoise water and white powdery beaches will have you living the good life with dorm beds being rented for around 10 USD. Fresh seafood is available for around 6 USD while beer is roughly 1 USD. Where else can you get a Mediterranean feel for that price?

6. El Nido, Palawan 

The sunset in El Nido, Palawan, will make you believe in heaven. The natural rock formations, secluded beaches and lagoons are enough to call El Nido a piece of heaven here on earth.

You can find the most beautiful seascapes here. Wear your diving masks and be amazed with the diverse marine life. A full trip around the islands will only cost you roughly 16 to 25 USD including a lunch set of fresh seafood, fruits and grilled meat.

Staying in El Nido is cheap, with rooms ranging from 15 to 80 USD per night. You can even get your own nipa hut for just 55 USD.