6 Health Benefits of Pedicures

Long perfectly shaped nails, flawlessly painted toes and an unexplainable sense of well-being are just some of the benefits we actually get when we pay somebody to give us a pedicure. But did you know that pedicures could actually be good for you, in more than a cosmetic way? Read on as your pedicure is just about to get more value added to it.


There is nobody who can get quite as up-close and personal with your feet as your manicurist. This person knows when it’s been too long since your last pedicure, when you’ve left the nail paint on too long and most likely when your nails are starting to develop a fungal infection. That’s right, these people have seen their fair share of toes and will definitely know when something is amiss. If you, and your manicurist, suspect that something might be wrong with your foot or your toe nails please do consult a physician about it.

To save the rest of us some grief and to avoid a potential fungal epidemic, please refrain from getting pedicures when you know that you have something contagious.


It turns out that buffing your nail does more than just make it all tidy and shiny. The buffing increases blood flow to the area. With it, this [blood flow] carries nutrients that would otherwise be quite unavailable to the nails.


Whether you get a regular pedicure or a foot scrub, pedicures can help slough off dead skin cells – leaving your feet clean and tidy.


One of our favorite parts about the whole ritual of getting pedicures is getting a well-deserved foot massage. A lot of manicurists are also trained masseuses of the feet and hands, anyway. This is especially true in high end salons. Massaging stimulates blood and lymphatic flow, not only giving your tired feet relief but also promoting its health. Massage therapy may also prove useful to decrease the chances of developing varicose veins.


Stress is often referred to as a 21st century disease. In fact it is THE 21st century disease, as having a stressful lifestyle (and many of us have) often worsens and accelerates the symptoms of certain diseases, such as cancer, heart problems and hypertension. The most common reason why people, especially women, get pedicures is to relieve stress. Given all the detrimental effects stress has on the body it is a trouble worth relieving.  Of course, the massaging also helps. As compared to drinking the night away and feeling like crap the next day a pedicure and a massage could prove more conducive to lowering stress levels than partying.


Ingrown nails are a huge pain—literally and figuratively. If left unchecked they can become so bad that you will need minor surgery to remove the nail. Having your toe nails done regularly will not only clean them out of disease-causing germs and dead skin cells, but it will become virtually impossible for you to get ingrown nails too. Though, have your toe nails cut with square edges instead of rounded ones. Rounded edges are more likely to develop into ingrown toe nails if left unchecked.


Granted that pedicures can have a number of health benefits but salons are not perfectly sterile environments. To prevent from acquiring infections and to keep your feet healthy here are a few additional pedicure tips.

  • Bring your own pedicure tools, if at all possible. Most reputable salons will sterilize their tools but it’s better to be safe than sorry.
  • If a cheap salon gives you an infection, it’s not really much of a bargain, is it? Make sure you go to salons you know are clean and have been checked and accredited by the health department.
  • Don’t shave or wax before a pedicure. Removing hair in any way creates very small cuts on your skin that aren’t visible to the naked eye but are passable enough for germs and microbes.
  • Have your cuticles pushed back instead of clipped off. Cuticles function to protect your nail bed from foreign bodies and are a crucial element in nail health.
  • To be sure, disinfect your toes, feet and legs with rubbing alcohol after your pedicure (as soon as your polish dries).
  • Speaking of nail polish, never keep it on longer than it is advised because it can leave a yellowish stain on your toe nails.

The feet get very little pampering and attention compared to the rest of the body. After reading all the benefits a pedicure can give maybe your tired and aching feet will finally get the love and attention they deserve.