6 Money-Saving Tips for Your Wedding

We all know that weddings can put a strain on our budgets, but nonetheless we want our special day to be great. But just like with everything, even with weddings there are certain tricks to save here and there without taking the “special” out of special day. It just takes some well planning and a wise use of resources. These are the tips and tricks I wish I had known when I was getting married.

1. Stay Away From Bridal Magazines And TV Shows

Most of us look for inspiration in bridal magazines and on the TV. Big mistake – these sources of information represent dream weddings that are usually too expensive for you and me. Soon you find yourself wanting and needing things that you didn’t even know they exist. It is normal that you want everything to look beautiful for your big day, but do you really need luxury pearl coated wedding invitations or the most expensive wedding decorations? Absolutely not. These magazines are designed to promote a wrong idea of how weddings should look like and to make you desire ridiculous and unnecessary items.

2. All Invitations End Up In The Trash Can 

Speaking of luxury pearl coated wedding invitations – you have to bear in mind that all invitations, no matter how beautiful they are, end up in the garbage. So it really doesn’t make sense to break the bank, or to spend a lot of time thinking on wedding invitations, as that is money and time literally thrown away. There are so many more important things to think about, that this just isn’t worth your time and money. However, they do have to be pretty, don’t they?

Luckily there are various options that will save you hundreds of dollars, like buying from online retailers. Or you can design your own with your loved one and keep costs low by finding a printing service that will give you a discount. Oh, and actually, this is the 21st century, so why not discard the traditional approach and send your invitations via e-mail. You can find many great templates free or at bargain price.

3. Think About The Atmosphere And The Food 

When you think about it, nobody will remember how the decorations, the cake, or the bridal bouquet looked like. So why should you drain your budget completely on these items? When I talk to people about my wedding the only thing they remember is the music and the food. No one remembers the details, but they do remember how the food was and whether they had fun. So, these are the things to watch out for, don’t go cheap on food and music if you don’t want your guests to remember you special day as a not-so-special day.

4. Don’t Get Tied Down To One Caterer 

As already mentioned, food is something that you want to get right. So, you might be wondering how you can save money on it? Well, think about the time of the reception – you can have your wedding reception during less popular times, like on Friday evening. The obvious choice is also to have a buffet instead of a sit-down-meal. But what will save you the most money is that you find a venue that will allow you to choose your caterer. That way you will have complete control over the price and the choice of food. Finding such a venue will surely take time, but you will save big bucks when you do. And the most important tip is not to tell the caterer that you are planning a wedding menu until your menu and price have been arranged. As you can expect, as soon as they hear that the menu is for a wedding the prices go up.

5. Your Wedding Cake Doesn’t Have To Be Huge

Again, in any given bridal magazine you won’t find a tip that you don’t have to have a huge wedding cake and it doesn’t have to be large enough so that everyone gets a piece, especially if you are holding a big wedding. Consider taking a small cake, just right for you and your loved one and have a delicious, yet less expensive sheet cake ready to be sliced and served to the guests. Most of the guests won’t notice the difference, but even if they do, nobody will feel mad about it.

Another option is to order a cake for half the number of guests and serve half slices of this cake and half slices of the delicious sheet cake. You will save money, while the guests will be happy with the variety.

6. Yes, Your Wedding Dress Doesn’t Have To Cost A Fortune

A wedding dress can be more than costly (the average cost of a wedding dress is $1300), considering you are going to wear it only once. There are some ways to save money on it and at the same time look like a princess. For example, I rented mine and that was something that cost me only $100. This is a very inexpensive option, however, it has certain limitations – you cannot alter the dress to fit you perfectly. Another inexpensive option is to buy a pre-owned dress or buy from an online retail store, like House of Brides, where you can find great dresses for as little as $350.

Using these tips you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars – and that means that you will have more money for your honeymoon and for your new life together. And believe me, your special day will be special because of your love for each other and not because of an extravagant wedding.