6 Products People with Dry Skin Should Avoid Using

Flaky, wrinkled skin could lessen your self-confidence and make you want to hide from everyone. The problem starts when the products that should be making your skin glow are actually draining the moisture out of your skin and adding years to your looks. So, don’t easily believe the products that claim to guarantee you glowing skin as they may contain ingredients that can cause your skin to dehydrate.

If you naturally have problems with dry skin try organic products with 100% natural ingredients, load up on water and avoid these products!

1. Avoid Using Products Containing Alcohol

There are specific ingredients in cosmetic products that people with dry skin should avoid – one of the ingredients being alcohol. I guess a lot of you use creams and toners, but do you know that many of these products contain alcohol. When you put cream/toner on your skin, it will end up as a quick-dry finish. That means it could dry up your skin’s moisture levels, which will lead to flaky skin and irritation.

2. Fragrances

I know, it’s shocking, I guess your heart skipped a beat by the time you read the word fragrance. If you like using lotions that are scented better start avoiding them now. Scented lotions can cause skin irritations and can even weaken the layers of the skin, especially the inner layers.

3. Sunscreen Chemicals

Even the products that are created to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun can have a negative effect on dry skin. For people with normal skin it is fine if they put sunscreen on every part of their body. But if you are one of those who have sensitive skin, well, it will definitely cause you problems. The chemicals found in sunscreens are avobenzone, oxybenzone and octinoxate, and these chemicals can help reflect ultraviolet rays, but will dry out your skin as well. A possible solution is to buy a specific sunscreen for your face and always read the labels because the wrong kind of sunscreen will put your skin at risk.

4. Salicylic Acid

Salicylic acid is said to be a good softener for the skin due to its exfoliating properties. Also some say that it could be a treat for people with dry skin if it is applied correctly, however it can cause many issues if applied too often. If you want to put salicylic acid daily, ask your dermatologist first before making any move. Also ask how many percent of salicylic acid is safe to apply on your skin.

5. Benzoyl Peroxide

If you are wondering what benzoyl peroxide is, it is an antibacterial ingredient that most dermatologist use for their patients who have acne. The question is why they use this chemical ingredient – yes, it does help people with acne but still this ingredient has a lot of negative effects, such as causing the skin to peel (worst effect ever, you can’t go out of the house looking like a snake shedding its skin), redness and even itching. This ingredient can be found in many face wash products, so keep an eye on this next time you go buying cosmetic products.

6. Ammonium & Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

The very fact that it is a sulfate makes you wonder whether it is safe to apply on skin. These ingredients are used in plenty of products, practically every hair shampoo contains them and so do face wash products. Organic, sulfate free shampoos will bring you many benefits and are actually not so difficult to find. Besides keeping your skin moisturized, these shampoos will make you hair feel softer and cleaner than ever before.

How to Avoid These Products?

I know it’s a big how because practically these ingredients are used in everything – but not in organic products with 100% natural ingredients. Another thing you should start doing is reading the labels – only that way you can make sure that you are buying cosmetic products that don’t contain ingredients that will dehydrate your skin.