6 Romantic and Affordable Honeymoon Destinations

After the wedding, the honeymoon is the most awaited part for a newlywed couple. This is the time that they start living together and hopefully, the first of numerous adventures that the couple will have. But honeymoons, like weddings can be quite expensive. Some couples opt to spend their honeymoon in a hotel in their city to save on a few bucks. But, for most couples, that isn’t a dream honeymoon and even if it is hard to find, cheap and romantic honeymoon destinations do exist. We made a list of some honeymoon destinations that may not be too hard on your budget but will still evoke an image of romance and holidays together.

1. Hawaii

This is the natural choice for a lot of honeymooners. If you are looking for sun, sea and fun, you have come to the right place. What’s great about Hawaii is that there are a lot of places that you can choose from that are as beautiful as the more popular ones, like Oahu and Honolulu. You really can’t go wrong with this destination.

2. Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Have you always dreamed of a honeymoon in romantic Paris but unfortunately can’t afford to have one? Not to worry. Montreal in the province of Quebec in Canada is a cheaper alternative to Paris. French is the official language so you get the real feel of Paris. You can go around in its very efficient transportation system and visit museums, check out their affordable restaurants and beautifully built churches. You can even attend a festival for free if you go there at the right time of the year.

3. Thailand

If you describe yourselves as wild, Thailand is the place for your honeymoon. With this country teeming with wonderful beaches, exotic wildlife, temples and national parks, your honeymoon will definitely be an adventure to remember. The fact that you don’t have to spend too much will also make you enjoy visiting this country more.

4. Portugal

A week’s stay in the capital city of Lisbon in Portugal will cost you about the same amount if you stay for 2 days at a five star hotel in other European countries. Sounds good? Top that off with great food at crazy-low prices, and castles and charming villages that you can explore together. To sum it up, we can say that Portugal is a great all-rounder – its cities have an amazing romantic and nostalgic atmosphere, the food is excellent, and you should definitely find time to listen to some incredible Fado music.

5. Mexico

If you are into roughing it out and really want to experience the great outdoors, head on to Tulum, Riviera Maya, Mexico. It’s quieter than some other parts of Mexico and you also get to stay in a Tulum hut or cabana for about $50 a night! You will feel like you are on a secluded desert island with your loved one.

6. Cambodia

Enjoy a cruise on the Mekong River to see the Chong Khneas, where the floating villages of Cambodia are. They also have markets where you can buy some trinkets as a keepsake of your honeymoon. There are also floating rooms that you can check into. It’s right on the seaside with great sunset views. Take advantage of this while they are still cheap.


Wherever you decide to go on your honeymoon, what makes it perfect is the fact that you and your beloved are together. The country, hotel or beach is just an added factor in your enjoyment. Nonetheless, exploring an entirely different place from where you live is definitely a moment that both of you will treasure for years to come.