6 Small Things You Need to Do to Get the Most Out of Your Vacation


Going for a vacation can be both exciting and stressful. From planning to getting back home, it involves a lot of work and planning, unless you’re the adventurous kind of traveler who wants to surprise himself/herself. A few small things you may think are not so important can actually play a great role in making your travel and vacation less stressful and more enjoyable.

1. Make an itinerary.

A well-planned itinerary saves you and your friends or family from the hassle of having to decide where to go and what to do the moment you arrive at your destination. Unplanned vacations often lead to exasperating fiascos, not to unforgettable adventures. Put a collaborative effort in planning your schedule. Include everyone in planning where to book a reservation, which places to go to, and how you will spend your time. This involves looking up your destination online, finding a hotel, checking means of transportation, and finding parks, resorts, museums, and other places of interest.

2. Savor the places you go to.

This is not The Amazing Race challenge. You don’t need to rush from one place to another and miss the fun of immersing yourselves long enough in a town or a beach. A lot of vacationers are backpackers and adventure seekers who like to experience as much of the foreign country as possible, so they stay in a place for an hour and rush to the next nature park. However, this usually leaves them tired and listless. That is not why and how you want to travel. Most people go on a holiday to relax, not to feel exhausted when they return home.

3. Go during the off-peak season.

Going to Barbados during the winter months may seem a great way to escape the bitter cold, but also note that this is the time when plane ticket prices and hotel reservations in Barbados are most expensive. Not to mention, the destination becomes busy with travelers from the north. Your best bet for cheaper hotel reservations is in May.

Most travel destinations have peak seasons. Peak seasons are when the weather is expected to be great. These are also times when festivities take place. The peak season offers a lot of activities for tourists, but it’s also the time when the place gets crowded. Hotel booking becomes difficult. Air fare is also more expensive. Visiting the place during off season allows you to have a more intimate encounter with the locals. It’s quieter and the accommodations are way cheaper.

4. Quit updating your Instagram or Facebook.

Constantly updating your social media accounts is a sure way to spoil your vacation. Many people really like to boast of their holiday at a tropical paradise to their friends’ envy. What’s the point really? Sure, updating your Instagram takes only about 30 seconds. Now add the number of minutes you have to spend on responding to comments and chatting with a friend who’s suddenly gotten interested in where you’re spending winter. The next thing you know, you’re on your way back to the hotel, and you haven’t even enjoyed the beach because you’re on your phone the whole time!

5. Try local cuisines.

What’s the point of traveling abroad if you’re just going to eat at an American diner? Try the local food, and you will be surprised that there is good stuff outside America. Some foods are worth a try. Tourists go to Bangkok, for instance, to try some of their mouthwatering delicacies. And you will be surprised how local food can be cheap.

All right, here’s the deal. You really want to find out what the locals eat? Go to eating venues where the average citizens eat. Don’t eat at the hotel. Walk to the heart of the town where local restaurants serve local food. Just make sure the food is cooked right. However, eat street-food at your own risk. It can be surprisingly good though!

6. Get off the cab and walk.

Aside from the fact that walking burns calories, it’s a great way to experience the local ambiance and be in touch with the townspeople. It’s usually a great thing – immersing yourself in a foreign community and getting to know how people live add a whole new level of understanding of human life. Getting to know a different culture, a different way of life, will probably give you the new perspective that you need, which means you come back home a tad wiser.