6 Ways Smart People Unconsciously Sabotage Themselves

Being smart doesn’t always have to mean that you’ll be successful. Success takes effort, dedication and commitment, and not just smarts and intelligence. Many smart people are looking for ways to increase their productivity, but they are unconsciously sabotaging themselves. Many of them don’t know how to do better, and some are simply not committed to their goals enough to get out of their comfort zone, make some effort and become as successful as they can be. People are often their own worst enemies, especially when it comes to staying in their comfort zone and not letting themselves reach their full potential. Here is how smart people usually keep themselves from becoming (more) successful.

1. Letting emotions get in the way

It is alright to be emotional – everyone is entitled to his or her emotions and having an opinion about everything. Successful people have emotions too, but they don’t let feelings get in their way. Successful people focus on what they are doing and don’t let everything hurtful or emotional shake them too hard and take away the energy they need in order to accomplish something.

2. Being impatient and trying to find shortcuts

Nobody becomes successful overnight. The people who do probably inherited companies or some business, but that doesn’t make them truly successful. Success is achieved through dedication and hard work. Sorry to burst your bubble, but in order to succeed you’ll have to work very hard and stay focused. Those stories in which people became billionaires thanks to luck are extremely rare, and you need to understand that if you really want to be successful, because in that case you have to accept that you’ll be working long hours and spend years working on achieving your career goals until you reach them. Being impatient won’t do you any good.

3. Trying to do everything without any help

In order to become successful, you need to understand that the road to success is not easy. There are so many things to be done in so many areas, and you simply cannot do everything by yourself unless you’re superman. Having someone to rely on is very important, and so is accepting the fact that sometimes you just can’t accomplish everything on your own. Delegate when you need to, as help when necessary, because relying only on yourself will rarely get you anywhere. We live in a social world where teamwork is the key to success. Of course, don’t trust just anyone with your business, but find someone who will have your best interest.

4. Aiming for quantity and disregarding quality

It is important to do everything on your check list and be as productive as possible. However, if doing things fast will have as consequence work that is of poor quality, better don’t do anything at all. It’s better to have fewer things done but with dedication, commitment and quality rather than completing all the tasks just so you could check them off the list. Focus on each task individually and try to do the best you can whatever it is you do. If you can’t accomplish everything on your own, delegate.

5. Being scared or timid

Successful people are outgoing and usually extroverted. Opportunities don’t just fall down from the sky, so when you see one- grab it as soon as you can. Don’t hold back because you’re scared. Of course, think rationally and don’t accept an offer you’re not able to see through the end. But if you have the expertise and the experience to do something right, don’t think too long because opportunities pass. You’ll rarely be sorry for the things you’ve done. We’re usually sorry about the things we haven’t done and the opportunities we’ve missed. Find out what you want and go for it – fear or indecisiveness will not get you anywhere.

6. Letting others tell you what you can or cannot do

We have all had a boss or two who thought they know our capabilities better than we do. If a boss or a colleague tells you that something is too difficult for you, don’t take it lightly. You’re the only person in charge of yourself and only you know how much and how well you can work. Nobody became successful by letting other people tell them what their abilities are. Don’t be afraid of a challenge. Don’t be afraid to show what you can do. Don’t let others get you down and always know your worth.