6 Weird Things That Control Attraction

In our daily lives we do a lot of things, from the moment we wake up until we sleep at night. But there are some things that we do that affect our perspective of someone we like. We are very clueless about these things. Always remember that everything we do or don’t do has an impact on us – and not just us, but also on the people we like. It could be a universal conspiracy, but below are just some of the weird things that control attraction:

1. The Internet

We all use the internet more than 4 hours a day; we see pictures of celebrities and other YouTube or Tumblr stars. When we drive home, we see billboards with good-looking men/women (depends on what they advertise). We are always served with the image of a typical dream guy/girl. The typical dream girls are the ones who are skinny – most guys like skinny chicks, they think they’re hot. And for the typical dream guy, masculine dudes. Like, Channing Tatum – every girls dream guy (I guess). It’s like we find inspiration on the internet and then are subconsciously attracted only to these (seemingly perfect) types of people. But the truth is, it’s impossible to find this perfection, as nobody is perfect.

2. Not eating lunch

Okay, this sounds odd but yes, skipping lunch does have a bad side, not only for your health but to the person we like as well. Studies show that when men have an empty stomach, their interest in women changes. It also shows that they find curvier women to be more appealing when hungry. Researchers discovered that it is linked with the idea of “resource scarcity”; it is the idea that heavier women know where to get your stomachs satisfied and happy.

3. Lowering personal standards

This is true, there are a lot of people who are afraid of being alone, and so they lower their standards. We find/look for someone below the standards we are actually looking for. It’s all because we are afraid that no one will love us, and that we might end up alone forever.

4. Pumpkin pie and lavender scent

They say that when you smell pumpkin pie and lavender at the same time there will be an instant effect in attraction. It may seem peculiar, but still, this is a fact. The Smell and Taste Research Foundation in Chicago conducted a case study about the effects of smelling pumpkin pie and lavender at the same time. They found that sniffing these two scents increases the penile blood flow. The researchers also said that if men don’t find you attractive, one sniff of pumpkin pie or a whiff of lavender scent will second guess their lack of attraction towards you immediately.

5. Pills

We all know that women are naturally attracted to men whose MHC genes are totally different from ours. But when a woman takes pills, it affects her interest. A study proved that women who take birth controls tend to be more attracted to less manly men. But don’t worry; you’ll not get attracted to women unless you’ve figured out you’re a lesbian.

6. Circle of people

Studies show that if you have the same circle of friends, you tend to like the person you spend a lot of time with. That’s why it is very common that boys and girls that are best friends actually like each other (I mean really like each other). It is not impossible that you won’t like your own companion. Why isn’t it impossible? Because you are always surrounded by that person, you might also go out with them often. Sometimes you accidentally fall in love with that person because of the comfort and security you’ve already founded in the relationship as friends.