7 Secret Steps to Become a Model

Many of us are dreaming of becoming a model. We strike a pose, we project even if the camera is very simple and mostly we imagine that the hallway is a glamorous runway. There are a lot of reasons why people want to become models, some because of the glamorous lifestyle, some because of the possibility of earning big bucks, while others just want to enjoy the public attention that comes with the job.

Becoming a successful model

1. What kind of a model do you want to be?

Little girls all over the world fantasize of being models when they grow up. But, there are a lot of different types of models: a runway model, plus size model, underwear model, promotional model, etc. If you are serious about going into the modeling business, first of all you have to objectively analyze your look and think about your aspirations. Find the perfect balance between your desires and your overall look. Do you have the girl-next-door look, or are you strutting a seriously curvy body. This can be the difference between a promotional model and a plus size or underwear model.

2. Do you think you have what it takes?

Let’s face it, modeling doesn’t only mean you have to have the courage to show your face and your curves, but also you have to have the main ingredient, which is to be attractive. You should be a complete package, good looks, good body structure and you must have a good sense of fashion. Have you ever seen a model being dressed out of fashion? Probably not, because keeping up with the latest trends is part of the job.

3. Stay fit!

Remember that being a model takes commitment and sacrifice. Staying fit is the motto of models everywhere. You need to take care of your beautiful body shape. Exercise regularly and take note of the food that you take. Of course you are going to eat a burger now and then, but you should try to eat healthy foods, like fresh fruits and vegetables, and drink a lot of water – not bellow 8 glasses per day. This will keep your body and health in good shape and will ensure that you have a nice clear skin tone.

4. Take snapshots (professional if possible).

What you need are nice, close up shots of you on a plain background. What you don’t want to have is heavy makeup, as most modeling agencies will want to see you in a raw, natural state. As a start, you will need a head shot, body shot and a couple of profile shots. If you have some money on the side, you may want to hire a professional to take these shots. It may end up costly, but you should consider it as an investment in your future.

5. Search for an agency.

Knowing your place is knowing a good agency. Without them you will not be able to succeed. Now, when you have had your fabulous snapshots taken, you need to take your measurements – and don’t lie, because agencies will measure you themselves if they decide to hire you. So you need to know your basic stats such as height, weight and shoe size, but also the other 3 crucial measures: hips, waist and chest. Oh, and always remember that photographers and companies are always right. You need to adjust to them and be ready to change yourself constantly.

6. Fresh and raw.

As we already said, in the modeling industry, photographers want their models to be fresh and raw, to see if they can change you into someone else. Never wear heavy makeup and never submit photo-shopped pictures. You may think that this way you will appear more beautiful and will have a better chance of landing the job, but agencies and photographers will skip you in a heartbeat and deem you as unfit of working as a model because you have more makeup than necessary.

7. Mind your attitude.

When you are in the agency or doing a modeling job, always think about your personality. Stay with both feet on the ground, even if you become famous, be polite to co-workers, always show up on time and treat people respectfully. This way there is a better chance you will get recommended and offers will come constantly. Try to develop good professional relationships with photographers and designers as this will help you greatly to push your way through the ruthless modeling industry.

Modeling isn’t easy and being a model is hard to achieve. Stay focused, be polite, but also ready to fight if someone stands in your way of achieving greatness.