7 Style Mistakes That Add Years on You

Dressing up and making yourself pretty gets harder and harder as you grow older. There are some bodily concerns that we have to consider and most importantly, want to hide. But that doesn’t mean we have to cover ourselves completely to hide our natural shape. Learn invaluable tips and suggestions on how to dress up and use make up to your advantage.

1. Skirt Length

As you grow older, you tend to wear longer skirts to cover up jiggly legs and ankles. This can make you look older. Look for a skirt that will end either above or below your knee and will accentuate your body type.

2. Platform Shoes and Chunky Heels

Not only are these kinds of shoes outdated, they also make you look heavy from below. Try using pointed toe shoes and medium sized heels that will fit your style.

3. Too Dark or Too Bright Lipstick

Using the wrong colored lipstick will make you look older and desperate for attention. Use neutral colored ones which are a bit stronger than your real lip color. Add a little bit of gloss to make you look younger.

4. Blush Attack

Using too much blush on your cheeks may be fashionable before but nowadays, less is best. It’s best to just give a hint of color on the cheeks to give you that fresh, glowing look. Nobody wants to be seen looking like a clown, right?

5. Wearing Your Daughter’s Dress

Moms usually want to be in with their daughter’s style but unfortunately, this won’t work. You will have to learn how to look fashionable without sacrificing style and decency. If you wear clothes targeted for the younger generation, it will only highlight your age more than it will make you look younger.

6. Too Tight Jeans

Wearing jeans that are too tight lets people see the fat that has accumulated through the years. Form fitting jeans are great, just make sure that they fit nicely. Jeans that bulge and stretch too much over a part of your lower body is not very nice to look at.

7. Too much Black is Bad

Wearing black to make you look slimmer is a tried and tested fashion trick. But if you overdo it, it will make you look washed out and pale. If you have to wear black, try adding spice and color to your get up by accessorizing with bright colors. The attention will be on the bright color and not on your body shape.


Coordinating your wardrobe and make up may sound daunting and intimidating. But it doesn’t have to. The joy that you’ve felt when you were younger can still be felt now. You just have to learn to stick with more classic pieces of clothes and make up that enhances your natural beauty. You do not need to cover up too much of your “flaws” because it adds character to your face. Just learn to work with what you have and make the best out of it.