7 Things Go-Getters Are Not Afraid to Say

Everybody has life goals and plans but not everyone has the guts to go out and chase them. While there are people who prefer staying in their comfort zone, there are those who get out there and achieve their dreams.

Do you believe you are part of the go-getters of this generation? Then check out these 7 words and phrases go-getters are not afraid to say.

1. “No.”

It might sound ironic that go-getters would say the word “no” when they go out and seek their dreams. But the difference between simple dreamers and go-getters is laser-light focus and a clear vision. Saying no to people indicates they know what they want and understand the value of their time. They do not aim to please every person around them but rather to stay focused on working on their goals until they get them. They can say No to unnecessary things without feeling guilty.

2. “Here’s the plan.”

One common trait among go-getters is being proactive rather than reactive. They love planning and sharing it with their team. They take leadership seriously. They don’t just stand on the sidelines watching time pass by as others do things. They look at a situation and decide what needs to be done. Go-getters are not afraid to offer suggestions and direct people towards a common goal.

People will offer their own action plans and suggestions but a real go-getter is able to filter out and assess these plans and create a concrete plan consistent with the end goal.

3. “I can and I will.”

Imagine waking up every day and telling yourself the phrase “I can and I will“. Doesn’t that make you feel empowered?

There are people who reach their goals and dreams because they are able to put in the work that other people are not willing to do. Taking one step forward every day means seven steps forward after a week. Go-getters keep going despite the obstacles because they tell themselves and others the phrase “I can and I will“.

4. “That’s possible.”

People often fear of the unknown, especially of seemingly impossible things. But as Nelson Mandela once said, “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

This means go-getters believe that what they want is possible and they work on it. They focus on the positive side of things by thinking and saying that their plan or their goal is possible. When faced with a challenge they can immediately say “It can be done!” Fear and self-doubt are two factors that can set someone back from achieving what they want.

5. “I was wrong.”

The fear of failure is present in everyone. There will always be times when a person will be wrong or fail. What makes go-getters stand out is their ability to say the phrase “I was wrong” and move forward.

Being wrong means learning an important lesson that can help you succeed in the future. Every go-getter will say that admitting you are wrong will not only make you a better person, it will also help you become successful.

How you react after being wrong matters more than the mistake itself.

6. “Can you show me?”

Aside from admitting a mistake, go-getters know themselves enough to know they are not capable of everything.

Go-getters usually teach and help others accomplish their own goals, but they are also constant students of life. They always find ways to learn new things that can help them in their goal. They do not feel embarrassed when seeking help or clarification to move forward.

If you find yourself saying the question “can you show me?“, then celebrate as you are increasing your chances to succeed.

7. “I may not finish it today, but I’ll start it.”

One thing is definite when it comes to go-getters: they do NOT procrastinate.

They can proudly say to people they are working on their goals. They recognize the value of small, daily steps towards a big goal. They don’t say excuses but rather positive affirmations. They know that growth is part of the success process. They are also committed to finishing what they started. More importantly, they start early. While others are busy delaying difficult tasks, go-getters are already working on their goals little by little.

As Twitter co-founder Biz Stone once said, “Timing, perseverance, and ten years of trying will eventually make you look like an overnight success.”