7 Things to Do to Wake Up with Softer Skin

During the winter, our skin is in the first lines of defense against the cold weather, but that unfortunately means that our skin also suffers the most because of it. We realize that our skin has become dry and flaky and suddenly, not even regular creams and moisturizers help us reverse the situation. And we have to get out to the cold wind again and put our skin through another beating by the winter air. However, there are some tips that can still help and the best thing is – they literally work overnight. Yes, you will have to repeat the process for a few nights, but the difference will be noticeable very soon.

1. Try out some essential oils

Essential oils are real miracle workers throughout the whole year. Not only do they smell heavenly (and you can choose from a countless array of scents), they are also great for your skin. During the winter months, essential oils such as avocado, lavander or sandalwood oil will come to your skin’s aid and help lessen the irritation and make your skin softer. Besides, you will fall asleep with the relaxing scent of the oil you choose.

 2. Use a humidifier

During the winter, we are forced to use heating which dries out the air in our homes. This can cause a lot of problems and even make it difficult for us to breathe, especially during the night. Moreover, such air dries out skin and causes our body to lose moisture because of the elevated body temperature during the night. This is why you should invest in a humidifier and help your skin and your breathing. You can make a DIY humidifier by putting a ceramic bowl of water on a hot surface and you can even put a few drops of essential oils in the water for a great scent.

 3. Clean your face before going to bed

This is the number one rule every beauty expert will tell you – don’t skip on removing your makeup and cleaning your face before going to sleep. This will only come back to you in the morning and it will have even worse consequences in the long run. Keeping makeup on your face overnight causes your skin to dry out and clog, which creates toxins that turn into pimples and/or wrinkles. Just that simple step of wiping your face before bed is one step closer towards softer skin in the morning.

 4. Skip your nightly shower

You heard us right. Even though this may sound unacceptable to you, hear us out. Hot water we use to take a shower at night (especially during the winter when we don’t want to get out of that hot shower) dries out our skin and cleans off our natural oils that our skin produces to protect itself. Just like that, the natural moisture is gone, and even with all the lotions we use, we can’t get it back during the night. Instead of the nightly shower, you should consider letting those natural oils work their magic and then take a shower in the morning using only lukewarm water.

 5. Drink water

Another golden rule of health – water, water, water. Good old H2O is your best ally when it comes to hydrating your whole body. All the creams and moisturizers can’t help you if you don’t take in a sufficient amount of water during the day (the amount varies according to your weight). Just like your whole organism, your skin benefits from the water you take, the water hydrates it and rids it of toxins. That’s why you should always keep a glass of water at hand before and during your sleep.

6. Get a good night’s sleep

You may have heard about the “beauty sleep” and you have probably joked around with the term a few times, but this is the truest thing ever. A good night’s sleep is the best you can do for your whole body, physically and mentally speaking. You will be able function better the next day, your memory and focus will be better and you will have more energy. But you will actually be more beautiful if you allow yourself a full night of rest. Your skin will have more time to recover from the daily stress and will, in turn, be softer and smoother in the morning.

7. Use petroleum jelly

Many lades swear by the magical substance – petroleum jelly. It can be applied in almost every situation and it works incredibly fast. For example, our lips also suffer a lot in the winter and end up dry and chapped. But if you put a little petroleum jelly on them overnight, they will be soft and recovered again in the morning. Same goes for cracked heels – you should put some petroleum jelly on them and wear socks during the night. That’s all it takes for your feet to be as good as new in the morning.