8 Foods to Get Rid of Belly Fat Fast

4. Green veggies

The great thing about green vegetables that help you lose belly fat is that they often have volume and fill you up, while not overloading you with calories. In fact, these vegetables have so few calories, that you can eat as much as you like without gaining weight. Other than not having many calories, these vegetables are also very powerful antioxidants and are rich in vitamins and minerals, helping the body burn belly fat more effectively and quickly, and at the same time improving your overall health.

However, not all vegetables that are of green color are actually ‘green vegetables’, as some of these green colored vegetables are actually very high in carbohydrates and do not promote weight loss. Some of the green veggies are asparagus, lettuce, spinach, green beans, cucumbers, broccoli, kale, etc.

These vegetables are also very good for shedding belly fat because they contain folic acid. This acid helps the body metabolize protein the right way and keep the sugar levels steady, thus burning the fat in your belly and preventing weight gain.

Some of these veggies, such as cucumbers, lettuce and other, you can eat fresh and raw and take in many vitamins in the process. Others like green beans and broccoli you need to cook, or steam. Eating green vegetables should definitely become a part of your daily diet, because besides helping you lose fat, they are also very healthy and help your body function properly.