8 Foods You Can Eat Before Bed

One of the ways to help you get a good night’s sleep is with food. Eating the right kinds of food can significantly improve your sleep and fight insomnia, as eating the wrong ones can keep you up at night. That’s why knowing these foods is so important, as only 1 person in 10 reports always having a good night’s sleep. Not sleeping enough can make you feel exhausted during the day and negatively affect your mood.

1. Turkey

Besides being filled with protein which makes it healthy and non-fattening, turkey is also filled with a type of sedative called tryptophan which makes us sleepy after eating it, but also helps the body produce serotonin. After eating turkey we feel relaxed and sleepy. When combined with carbohydrates, the sleepiness effect becomes even stronger, as carbohydrates allow more sedative to enter the brain and helps you fall asleep easier and sleep sounder.

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