8 Girls You’ll Want to Avoid at the Bar

We all go to bars to have fun and to meet new people. Often, as that is what a bar really is for, we get too drunk and lose our better judgment. This, of course, means that we have more fun because it is our inhibitions that limit us in enjoying ourselves. Even so, there are still some things that we would be better off not dealing with when at a bar.

Examples of this would be getting into fights, losing more money than we can afford, going home with someone who does not have the best intentions, etc. This article discusses the 8 types of girls that you should avoid when in a bar.

The Girl Who is Taken

When in a bar, it usually is hard to tell which girls are taken and which are single. There seems to be a notion that everyone is fair game when in a bar. This is really not true, unless you want a black eye the next morning. Flirting with a girl who is already in a relationship, or who came to the bar with a guy who put his claim on her already, is a really bad idea. With the help of alcohol, it is so easy for someone to see you as a threat and, in response, punch you in the face.

The Girl Who Only Wants Your Money

There is nothing wrong with buying a pretty girl a drink or two. It is how conversations start with people you don’t know. But be wary of girls who haven’t even brought their own money. They stepped into the bar expecting guys to buy them everything, and they will milk these guys for everything.

The Girl Who can’t Handle Her Alcohol

Though drunk girls are fun and exciting to be round with when in a bar, if you spend too much time with girls who drink like there’s no tomorrow, you will be expected to take them home. Or worse, to take them home with you. Would you really want to be a babysitter? You probably do not want to be the one holding her hair as she vomits in the streets, or the one who carries her because she literally passed out in an alley.

The Girl Who Is Pretty Until She Opens Her Mouth

A lot of people actually just go into a bar to chill and talk with new people. This is a good way for them to relax and forget about their problems. If you are one of these people, about the girls that looks so hot and sexy, yet when they open their mouth, nothing makes sense from what they are saying.

The Girl with Problems

Yes, you should comfort a girl who has problems. Yes, you should talk to them if they’re crying. But in a bar, if a girl is drinking every bottle she can get her hands on, and is dancing on every single table top, then breaks down and cries then repeats it all over again – that means trouble. You, as a stranger in her life, may not be the best person to comfort her with her issues.

The Girl with Daddy Issues

We all know them, and really, they are easy to distinguish from other girls. Stay clear of them because even if at first sight they seem as an easy target for having fun, they will end up hating you because they have deep seeded issues that make them hate all men.

The Girl Who Craves Attention

These are the girls who seem to be having the time of their lives as they pour alcohol into their mouths, shaking what their ‘momma’ gave them for everyone. These girls are just seeking attention and you may think that giving her some is a good idea. You are wrong in this, because for these girls, no attention is enough.

The Girl Who Tends The Bar

Most men flirt with female bartenders. Bartenders are there to listen, talk and smile. Flirting is fine. Talking and joking around is fine. But do it cautiously because if you mess up, then it would just be awkward to go back to the bar where you have to talk to her to order drinks.