9 Of The World’s Greatest Monuments Destroyed By War

Wars are the worst “invention” of the human kind. We have managed to lose countless lives and destroy the future of so many generations. But, sometimes wars damage not only the future, but also the past.

The destruction brought upon by armed conflicts wiped out so many magnificent and glorious buildings throughout the history. These are 9 of the world’s greatest monuments destroyed by war:

1. The Old Summer Palace, China

When it was built in the 18th century, the Old Summer Palace was designed to awe and impress. The palace was constructed by members of the Qing Dynasty as their new royal residence. Beautiful buildings surrounded by gardens and fountains provided all the peace needed for Chinese emperors to rule the vast country.

Sadly, the amazing palace was destroyed as an act of retaliation during the First Opium War, when the British and French armies invaded Beijing in 1860. Although only ruins remain now, it is still one of the top tourist attractions of the Chinese capital.

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