9 Places You Need to Visit Before They Disappear

The Earth is an amazing place with countless beautiful natural sites. Unfortunately, due to climate change, many of those magnificent places are going to start disappearing in a few decades.

Here are 9 fascinating corners of our planet that you should make sure to visit before they are gone forever.

1. Glacier National Park

One of the most visited national parks in the country, Glacier National Park in Montana used to be the home to more than 150 glaciers. But now, tourists are lining up to see its beauties one last time since the park has lost most of its glaciers and now only has 25 of them.

By 2030 it is likely that there will be none left, which will not only diminish the beauty of this place but seriously damage the ecosystem as well.

2. Magdalen Islands

Magdalen Islands in Quebec, Canada can be the perfect spot for a peaceful, relaxing vacation if you’re into amazing, unspoiled nature. However, the islands are constantly struck by severe weather conditions such as heavy wind. Even with the sea ice, which is protecting the islands from such impact, the land erodes about 40 inches every year. And now, the ice is melting which means that this protective line is disappearing and putting the Magdalen Islands in danger.

So, in 75 years this spot could be completely ruined.

3. The Great Barrier Reef

This is the largest coral reef system in the world with 133,000 square feet. Thanks to this, it can even be seen from outer space. But this amazing coral reef located east of Australia’s amazing beaches is going through irreversible changes due to global warming, as well as water pollution. People are also insensitive towards this natural wonder and keep destroying it.

So, if you want to see the Great Barrier Reef, make it happen in the next 20 years, because after that you may not find it there.

4. Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal may not be a natural wonder but it sure is an architectural masterpiece. One of the most famous buildings ever built, this majestic mausoleum was being built for nearly 20 years and was finally finished in 1653. It was dedicated to the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan’s favorite wife.

But after more than 350 years, the Taj Mahal is getting seriously damaged by pollution and one of the options is closing this monument to the public. You may want to hurry up if Taj Mahal is on your bucket list of things to see before you die.

5. The Seychelles

Like some surreal tropical paradise, the Seychelles are inviting you to get lost on their pearly-white sandy beaches and turquoise waters of the ocean. Yes, these islands in the Indian Ocean are mesmerizing, but according to experts it could all be gone in as early as 50 years.

Thanks to the rising levels of the ocean, the beaches are slowly eroding and the corals are being destroyed. The whole group of islands is threatened by submersion which means it could be completely under water in about 50 to 100 years from now.

6. The Alps

One of the greatest European prides when it comes to natural beauty are the magnificent Alps. They attract tourists from all over the globe and famous skiing resorts and other snow sports invite them to the snowy peaks.

But due to global warming and the fact that the Alps are at lower altitude than other famous mountain ranges, the snow is rapidly melting. Every year, another 3% of the snowcap melts and it could be that by year 2050 the glaciers will disappear completely.

7. Madagascar

This island near the mainland of Africa has one of the most amazing ecosystems in the world with wildlife that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. But this wildlife is endangered and it’s entirely a result of human influence. Even though the other items on our list are indirectly caused by people, this one is completely on us.

Madagascar is suffering from deforestation and excessive hunting which is destroying its wildlife. If this continues, Madagascar could be a completely changed place in a few years.

8. Venice, Italy

Venice is known as the most romantic city in the world. And how could it not be with hundreds of bridges, canals with gondolas, and stunning architecture. But it’s a well-known fact that this city is slowly sinking.

However, in the recent years, it has been discovered that the sinking may not be so slow after all. The flooding is getting worse and worse, and it may be only until the end of the century that we will be able to enjoy the charms of this legendary city.

9. The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea, famous for its exceptional salinity and healing benefits, is another amazing natural site which is rapidly disappearing from the face of earth. Its only source of water – the River Jordan – is being drained by neighboring countries, thus making the sea sink three feet each year. It has already lost one third of its water and the situation is only getting worse.

The Dead Sea could be completely gone in as little as 50 years.