9 Things Men Do but Women Find Creepy

No, guys, staring at us for ages and making sexual innuendos won’t make us like you more. In fact, it will only freak us out. There are some things that are just unacceptable, but guys for some reason keep doing them. But no worries, we’ll tell you what they are, so you can stop doing them from now on. Sincerely, all girls.

1. Talking About Other Girls

This should go without saying, but some men just didn’t get the memo. Shut up about other girls, exes or girls you’re obviously interested in more than the one you’re with. I don’t want to hear what your ex girl was like or how she had exactly the same sweater as me. Especially not on the first date. The “ex talk” comes later. And if you haven’t got over her, you shouldn’t have asked us on a date in the first place.

2. Staring At Us

Eye contact is great. We’re big fans of eye contact. The problem occurs when you keep staring at us without the guts to come over and say hi. Not only does it look completely creepy to catch someone looking at you from afar without blinking, it’s frustrating if we actually like you and you can’t seem to gather the courage to come and talk to us. Just make a move, what’s the worst that can happen?

3. Asking Us To Meet Your Parents Too Soon

It’s a misconception that only girls get all psycho and start insisting the guy meets her parents after only a few dates, guys do it to. It doesn’t matter whether you’re seriously that into a girl or if you’re just playing her and want to make her feel special so she would put out, don’t do it. You’re rushing things and making an awkward situation for everyone. Just chill and let things happen naturally.

4. Not Understanding That No Means No

This one goes red, bold and underlined: “No” doesn’t mean “I actually like you but I’m just going to play hard to get and let you keep convincing me for the next half an hour.” It means “No”. So after you’ve approached us at the bar and we politely told you we just came here to dance/talk to friends and are not really in the mood for company, that’s exactly what we meant. Trying to change our minds isn’t going to work. So let it go and walk away.

5. Making Sexual References

We don’t care how horny you are, making sexual references if we have just met is not only creepy, it’s disrespectful. We know you guys are “sexual beings” and all that, but just for a few hours at least try not to mention anything sexual. Of course, if things are going that way, by all means, do it. But if we’re only having a date, grabbing a cup of coffee in the daylight, just keep it to yourself.

6. Kissing Our Hand

I hate to break it to you guys but we don’t live in a Jane Austin novel. Kissing our hand when saying goodbye while looking deeply into our eyes gives us shivers. An occasional sweet kiss by a boyfriend is fine, I’m talking about those men that meet us and suddenly think kissing our hand would turn them into Prince Charming. It creates just the opposite result and makes you look super-creepy.

7. Giving Us Too Many Compliments

This is another thing men do that is supposed to be cute and sweep us off our feet but actually does the opposite. You are totally smitten by us and can’t stop saying it, but we’re already hearing the alarm in our head. It’s not that we disapprove of compliments completely, you should definitely make them. But don’t overdo it or else we’ll start thinking something is wrong.

8. Proposing Marriage After Two Dates

No, not literally. But even mentioning marriage after a few dates, even a few months, is a no-no. This is just taking things too far and you either come across as a loser or as a creep. First of all, we don’t want to get married to you after knowing you for a week, and secondly, as soon as you mention it, we will start thinking you’re playing us. Even if she’s really the girl of your dreams, you’ll get there.

9. Massaging Our Neck

Massages are great. Creepy, out-of-nowhere, neck clutching massages are gross. There’s nothing worse than that feeling of somebody’s hand on the back of your neck trying to give you some sort of a semi-massage. Is this supposed to be a sign of affection or are you trying to make sure we don’t get too far away from you? Whatever it is, you need to stop it. Not only does it freak us out, it can also be painful.