All Night Lasting Makeup – Is It Possible?

When you want to go out and have fun, the last thing you want to have is makeup running down your face. Nightclubs are known to have poor ventilation systems and when they get crowded, it gets hot. And when it gets hot, your makeup starts melting. There is a way for you not to run to the bathroom every half an hour to fix your makeup. We’ve prepared these tricks for you to look amazing until the last second of the night.

1. Moisturizing cream as a base – After you’ve washed your face and lightly dried it off with a towel, apply a thin layer of moisturizing cream on your face as a base. Make sure that the cream is water based and not oil based, so that it does not clog up your pores. It is very important that you find the moisturizer that perfectly matches your skin type, because the cream will nourish your face without leaving the glowy look you’d want to avoid. If the face is well hydrated, the makeup will look better and the skin will look healthier.

2. Use good foundation – Foundation is an important step if you want your makeup to last longer. Before the concealer and after the moisturizing cream, make sure to apply the primer. It will even out the irregularities you might have on the skin and the makeup will stick better. Another essential thing is to find a liquid foundation or BB cream that matches your skin tone. And remember, good does not always mean expensive. A lot of brands offer great products at an affordable price range.

3. Use brushes and sponges – When applying products on your face, the best thing to do is use makeup brushes or sponges. That way, you will best know how much to put on. If you don’t have any of the two, use fingers, but after applying the products, leave it for a couple of minutes so that the skin can properly absorb them, and after waiting, dab your face with a paper tissue to wipe off any excess. Too much foundation or face powder will stick out and be even more visible, giving your face the effect of a mask.

4. Do your eyebrows the right way – When it comes to the eyebrows, they are the most delicate part of the face. If you overdo them, your eyes will not be the focal point of your face, no matter how much makeup you put on. And there is always a risk of looking cartoonish. On the other hand, if you put too little makeup on your brows, it will look unnatural. Every part of your face has to make sense, because you are telling a sort of a story with makeup. So, if you use a pencil to fill out the eyebrows, use a dryer one so that it doesn’t smudge. If you use brow shadows, don’t forget to comb over with a fixing wax. That way, no smudging will happen during the night.

5. Use primer on your eyelids – If your skin is oily, this step is necessary so that the eye shadow stays on. When applying primer to your lids, use fingers to warm up the product. That way, the skin will get exactly the amount it needs, and not a thick layer that becomes useless.

6. Lip pencil – Before applying lipstick or lip gloss, make sure to apply a pencil on your lips to make sure that you don’t cross the line of the lip. As for eyebrows, the same advice goes here – the dryer the pencil, the longer it will stay on.

7. Waterproof mascara – In case you are not a fan of fake lashes or you still haven’t mastered the skill of putting them on, waterproof mascara is your best friend. However, waterproof mascara can dry up your lashes, so don’t apply more than one coat, or put Vaseline on the base of the lashes before you put mascara.

Fixing – If you don’t yet trust that your makeup will last all night, apply a thin coat of makeup fixer. But, if you’re running late and you don’t have time to wait for it to dry, or if you don’t own this product, a regular hair spray will do the trick. Close your eyes and mouth, hold the bottle of hair spray directed to your face, at about an arm’s length from your face and lightly spray it on. Wait for a few seconds, and you’re ready for the party.