America’s Most Hated Celebrities

You see them on T.V, in the movies and peering at you from the cover of magazines. Celebrities are a highly visible lot which makes them a bit controversial automatically. While most high profile celebrities have their adoring fans, there are also those that we love to hate. Meet some of America’s most hated celebrities:

1. Britney Spears

Congratulations Britney, you’re topping the list! Although she once ruled the world of teen pop and have cadres of adoring teenage fans, things have taken a decidedly downward turn for Britney in recent times. After making babies with Kevin Federline, she seems unable to care for them in a responsible manner or get her life together in any reasonable fashion. While many feel sorry for her, others are less forgiving of her irresponsibility and rather untamed lifestyle. This has earned her a secure place on the list of America’s most hated celebrities.

2. Lindsay Lohan

Number two on our list is Lindsay Lohan, another reported wild child. This budding actress appears to have traded a potentially successful acting career for a life of boozing and partying. After serving a little over an hour in jail for drunken driving and drug charges, Lindsay was released from the remainder of her one day jail sentence. It’s been reported that Lindsay is now close to bankruptcy after shelling out over seven million dollars to support her partying habit and her stints in rehab. Still, Lindsay seems resistant to reform. A controversial figure with an erratic lifestyle, Lindsay Lohan has earned her own group of critics which puts her solidly on the list of most hated celebrities.

3. Tom Cruise

Even though Tom Cruise has his share of adoring fans, many people have been turned off by his outspoken support of the Scientology movement and his tendency to be a somewhat intolerant control freak. He was even banned from filming a movie at a German military base for fear he would use that platform to promote his Scientology beliefs. Who can forget his public appearance where he bounced on the couch in an interview with Oprah causing us to believe he had lost his marbles? To his credit, he did apologize to Brooke Shields for his public comments regarding her bout with postpartum depression. It’s been reported that Brooke Shields and Tom Cruise are now friends. It seems that the public feels a little less forgiving towards this actor who seemingly has it all but can’t keep his mouth shut.

4. Paris Hilton

The world is still marveling at how someone who apparently has so little talent has managed to capture such a large share of the public’s attention. Between her table dancing antics and her sex video, Paris has made quite a name for herself along with making a few enemies along the way. Despite the fact she’s been blessed with a small fortune, she seems on using her money for superficial self enhancement and conspicuous partying. We certainly love to hate her, don’t we?

5. Mel Gibson

Last but not least, we have Mel Gibson who shows just how far you can fall. In better days, he might have made the list of most loved or respected celebrities, but after offensive, anti-Semitic comments, reportedly made under the influence of alcohol and several less than flattering comments about the British people and homosexuals, this star has definitely fallen from the public’s favor, enough to earn him a place on the most hated celebrity list. Sorry Mel, better luck next time!

Will these maligned celebrities be able to climb the steep ladder of public opinion and make it off the most hated celebrity roster? It seems unlikely, but only time will tell!