Are You Making These Mistakes When Shaving?

Most women shave their legs every day. Surely, you have your own ritual when it comes to this type of hygiene, but be careful not to make these mistakes when shaving. You will easily be able to recognize the mistakes, because the effect that you’re going for – smooth and silky skin – will not be accomplished.

Look at the most common mistakes women make when shaving, and if you recognize any, consider dropping your bad habits.

Do you shave your legs as soon as you go into the shower? – Of course you want to finish shaving as soon as possible, but experts suggest that you wait for at least 15 minutes before you start to eliminate the hairs. Warm water will soften the hairs and open up the follicles. However, you should not wait too long, because after the suggested time frame of 15 minutes, your skin will start to swell which will disable thorough shaving.

Are you shaving in the right direction? – You should always shave first in the direction of hair growth, to shorten them, and then in the opposite direction. If you have sensitive skin, skip the second step, because the skin will be irritated, and you will most probably cut yourself.

Aren’t you forgetting something? – Even if you are in a rush, try to avoid shaving your legs without shaving cream, gel or whatever product you may use, because the skin may get damaged and dry after shaving. Also, the risk of cutting yourself is fairly high, since the skin is not smooth enough and the razor will not slide evenly.

Are you borrowing your man’s razor? – When you forget to buy a new razor and the old one is completely blunt, don’t take your partner’s. Using other people’s razors can lead to infections. Also, male and female hairs, as well as skin, differ in structure, so the razor that fits best to whomever you’re borrowing from may not do wonders for you.

Do not use soap for shaving – Avoid using soap for shaving, because it is an even worse option than shaving your legs without any product at all. The soap is pretty aggressive and it makes the skin dry. Truth is, the soap will help razor glide, but as soon as you dry your legs off with a towel, you’ll notice how dry the skin is. Conditioner is a great choice if you run out of your preferred shaving cream.

Are you using disposable razors with one blade? – Using disposable razors is acceptable if you are in a hotel and there is no possibility to use a more high-quality one. Razors with one blade are not effective enough, they go blunt really quickly, and the process of removing the hairs is twice as long. The best solution is to buy the 4 or 5 blade razors. After using these razors, the skin will be smoother since they remove the hairs more thoroughly, especially around the ankles and knees.

Are you using one razor for too long? – A disposable razor is more often than not used for up to twenty times. This is not a good practice because the blade will go blunt after a while and the shaving will become less efficient. Plus, wet areas such as bathrooms are the perfect place for bacteria and microorganisms to grow, and they can cause infections.

One razor for all? – Most women use one razor for legs, pits and intimate areas. This is not recommended firstly because the hair structure is different, and secondly, because the skin produces different cells and bodily fluids. Using one razor for your arm pits and your legs is acceptable, but try using a brand new one for intimate shaving. In this area, the skin is more sensitive, so the best option is to shave with a razor for sensitive skin with up to 3 blades, so you don’t cut yourself.