Bubble Trouble: 9 Dangerous Side Effects of Drinking Diet Soda

We already know that drinking soda doesn’t have any health benefits for our body. All it contains are empty calories that can lead to diabetes and more serious health problems. Now here comes a variant of the soda that says it can help lose weight. Diet sodas are just as useless as regular soda. It could even cause kidney problems in the long run. Read on for more amazing facts that diet soda can do to our health.

Kidney Issues

Studies have shown some relation between diet soda and kidney problems compared to regular soda drinkers. The suspected culprit could be the artificial sweeteners used on diet soda that can be harmful to our kidneys.


Drinking diet soda does not really help you lose weight, it adds more to it instead because it tricks the body to overeat. Since it has the word diet written all over the bottle, people think that it’s okay to drink more.

Rotten Teeth

Children and adult alike have been known to have more cavities due to drinking diet sodas. The sugar content sticks on the teeth and eventually eats away the teeth’s enamel.

Massive Hangovers

Drinking alcoholic beverages with diet soda makes you drink more because it makes the taste of alcohol and allows the alcohol to be absorbed quickly into the bloodstream. Result? Hangover of the Year.

Can Cause Cancer

Caramel used on dark colored sodas, including diet sodas have been linked to increased susceptibility to cancer according to studies made on animals.

Weight Gain in Unwanted Areas

People who drink diet soda regularly are observed to have a bigger waistline than those who don’t drink sodas. Excess sugar levels on the body causes the sugar to be converted to fat that settles in the stomach area.

Increased Cholesterol

Drinking liquids can help flush out cholesterol in the body but diet sodas don’t do this. It has been known to increase levels of harmful fats that can lead to serious heart problems.

Premature Ageing

Diet sodas contain phosphoric acid to make them last longer. This chemical can cause premature ageing and osteoporosis based on studies made on lab rats. Lab rats that were made to drink diet sodas died earlier than those who weren’t.

Fertility Problems

The chemicals found in soda cans combined with the chemical content of sodas have been linked to fertility problems. Ingredients of diet sodas have been chemically engineered to make increase shelf-life and this chemical engineering have been found to cause serious problems to our health.


Studies are continuously being conducted to further discover the harmful effects that diet sodas have on our body. It doesn’t even include the harm that soda cans have on our environment and animals. Soda cans are non-biodegradable so its form stays the same even if years have already passed. Our sewers and drainages can be clogged by these materials and can also be eaten by animals in the sea. There’s no better time than now to avoid drinking soda and start opting to drink healthier liquids.