20 Cancer-Causing Foods You Are Probably Eating Every Day

Lately, so many products we use on a daily basis have been said to be cancer-causing that we have to ask ourselves – What isn’t? However, this is not an excuse to consider everything cancerogenic and simply give up healthy habits because ‘everything can cause cancer’. To be able to choose the foods that are healthy and not cancerogenic, we first need to learn what the food items that increase the risk of cancer are.

The truth is that there are many foods that we eat every day that have been scientifically shown to be cancerogenic. Our diet can cause different types of cancer, including stomach, bowel, lung, uterus and prostate cancer. The risk of developing cancer is increased if our diet is rich in fat and chemicals, and low in healthy food items, such as fiber, fruits and vegetables. In this article, 20 cancer-causing items will be listed and explained, in order to provide useful information on how to avoid the harmful foods and try living a healthier life.

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  1. So lets just stop eating store food all together. Kids are growing taller than their parents because of growth hormones that are given to the animals to grow faster and larger. The kids eat that food, and are also ingesting the growth hormone as well. They also inject all poultry and livestock with antibiotics even if they dont need them, and we then ingest them when we eat that animal. And that is why people today are not being effected by antibiotics when they need them. We are ammuned to them now. If you can, grow your own food. Catch fresh fish. Find a local farmer for your dairy. Our government is all about money, not the health and safety of the public.

    • It’s the corporations that sell the food, not the government.

      • The FDA is a government entity. Since the government controls food stamps, maybe they should ban processed foods to food stamp recipients. Every tax payer is footing the bill for their food stamp purchases which are making them fat and sick.

        • Martha stop making a fuss over the less than 5 cents out of every tax dollar that goes to food stamps

    • You’re right, so we need to start making our representative listen to their bosses – us!!!

  2. Money will always Prevail over peoples Health, The Food and Drug Administration never warns you about Something until Death occurs!! Then they decide to take it off the Market!!

  3. There is to much money invested into what we eat on a daily basis. Our food is sprayed with pesticides pumped full of hormones and antibiotics to ensure our safety. Everything has stuff we can not pronounce in it or hay it doesn’t taste right, “Just add some refined sugar to it” Bingo! Even some bottled water has sodium added to it. Regardless of what you eat, control your eating habits is key. Stay away from dieting too, add 15 mins of excerszive to your day

  4. The information on GMOs is not correct.

  5. If people ate 200 pounds of GMOs a year and GMOs cause cancer, everybody in America should have cancer. No?

  6. Assuming this list is correct, which I say it is a bunch of cra#, the only alternative is to starve to death because there isn’t enough left to support life.

  7. The Jewish bible has everything according Kosher or Halal to be eaten in the world. If you obey and follow you will be safe forever.

  8. Each body is programmed at birth. Enjoy life, it’s everyones oyster.

  9. The statement regarding salmon being fed chicken litter is completely false. Salmon feeds may contain chicken byproducts. This would be the same as chicken dogs, but may also contain hydrolyzed proteins from chicken feathers etc. This simply makes the protein more digestible. Chicken waste is used in the farming of tilapia in many Asian countries, but the poop is not consumed. It is used to fertilize the pond to produce an algae bloom that then feeds the fish. This is called polyculture and is a practice that has been used for centuries and is a much more environmentally sound practice as well as much more healthy than using man made fertilizers. Many salmon feeds contain carotenoids such as beta carotene, which are the exact reason wild salmon meat is pink. They consume carotenoids in krill and shrimp that they feed on in the wild. The meat is not stained or colored with dangerous chemicals as is so often claimed by the anti fish farming community. Fish farming is not perfect, but one does get tired of the misinformation that is consistently being spread.

    • Jonathan Trivette

      I don’t know the specifics of how farmed salmon are raised but they clearly have a different color and taste than wild salmon.

    • All farm raised salmon is actually not pink, but a grey color due to the unnatural diet. Tell me, WHEN ARE THERE EVER CHICKENS IN THE OCEAN ?! Much less salmon eating feathers or algae need be grown by poop. Do you realize how insane you sound??

  10. Seriously, red meat, BBQ, alcohol, milk and dairy products, while I agree about other things get serious you only live once and people have been eating the products I’ve listed since the beginning, the major cause for the increase in cancers today is all the chemicals that are in everything today.

    Oh and if you can afford to eat organic good for you I know I can’t.

  11. Besides trying to avoid GMO food is almost impossible today since it has cross bred naturally in the wild now.

  12. relentlesslycaring

    Money means everything. If you don’t have the funds to stay away from modified foods your goose is cooked. (no pun intended).

  13. So pretty much ONLY eat ur own home grown veggies and fruits and only eat chicken you raised on your own and dont eat anything else.

  14. Galloe Threetails

    Sorry, but not really, anyway I stopped reading, and stopped caring after the article said not to eat GMO products. Sorry, but that’s bull… If it makes my corn on the cob scream, so be it, also eating allot of corn is not a good idea, GMO, or otherwise.

  15. Most people don’t have time to eat a “fresh” meal all the time, they just grab something that’s fast. How come they don’t build an actual heath fast food joint?

    • Jonathan Trivette

      Because it would cost a family of 4, $50 per meal.

      • No if you cut out meats. It is hard to transfer to vegan/gluten-free, just start out slow and eventually you’ll find more and more foods that work for you. Once society changes the way we eat, so will the establishment.

  16. oh well guess you have to die of something mite as well enjoy a little in life

  17. This is a poorly written article. It makes multiple statements without supporting evidence. I believe this is fearmongering and is a disservice to the general pubic.
    1. There is no author. How can anyone write an article educating the pubic without claiming ownership?
    2. There is a big difference between association and causation. For example, someone who is drinking a lot of soda might be participating in other unhealthy behavior that can cause cancer. If the unhealthy behavior was not tested (confounding variable), soda use might associated with increased cancer. It does not prove that soda cause cancer. This article makes multiple mistakes with a similar false line of logic.
    3. You cannot claim something without supporting evidence. There is no evidence that gmo or non-organic food cause cancer. How can you list these foods as cancer causing if tbere is no evidence?
    4. Carcinogen, which by definition known agents that cause cancer in vitro or animal lab may or may not cause cancer in human. This article made these multiple leap of faith.
    In summary, I think this article raises important points about possible carcinogen. I just wish it was more intellectually honest.

  18. After this list there might be two or three things that are safe to eat. I do not eat all of these things, however I eat some of them. I think finding a balance between doing some indulging and restraint, sounds more realistic.

    • It’s not more realistic, the article is true. But don’t worry if you stray on 10% of your diet..give it some slack, you should be fine. Just follow it the best you can.

  19. This is B.S. my grandmother is 93 years young and grew up on far worse than what is out there. how has she made it. Moderation is key.

  20. And it’s a crap shoot that your farm soil is safe. Who knows what was in the ground before you started farming it. We’re doomed…

  21. if a person was to eat according to the list just presented, they would not die of cancer, but they would die of starvation. Not sure which is worse.

  22. But our ancestors didn’t have the medical advances we now have. I think that plays a part in the increased life span we have at present.

  23. They’re posting you and all the other comments right now. So criticize away. I’m interested in what you have to say.

  24. You can eat healthy and chemical free!
    These are the rules I try to follow;
    1. Don’t buy any foods advertised on TV!
    2. Buy from your local Farmer’s Markets!
    3. Grow your own foods!
    4. Shop on the outer edges of the grocery store, make sure they are GMO free, Chemical free, Organic foods!
    Example: A cut apple should start browning within seconds after being cut, a GMO Apple will not!
    5. Do not eat foods that are Packaged or Processed!
    6. If you can’t Pronounce it, Don’t Eat it!
    These are rules that I just learned myself. I am always sick and I found out I have “Leaky Gut Syndrome”. My blood tests from the doctor were really off. Thyroid, Glucose, HDL, LDL and I have high blood pressure. My weight was astounding at over 300!! But, since I changed the way I eat this year, I have lost some weight and am still losing!

  25. lol You would think that unless you’re already eating this way, which I am. It was hard at first, but I slowly integrated one more meal until I’m fully vegan and gluten-free. I do stray and allow myself to eat outside of this when I go out to a restaurant.

  26. Might as well say anything that tastes good.

  27. Looks like I should be dead already! At least I’ll be well preserved after death, whenever that happens! Sorry, I will continue to enjoy my life and not worry about what these articles say, because a month from now, all of this stuff will be good for you again! All things in moderation.