Catch Their Eye! Tips on Crafting the Perfect Resume

Whether you are creating a new resume or updating the old one, you are probably looking for some useful advice on how to create it in the best way possible so that you catch the eye of your potential future employers.  The key of creating the perfect resume is combining various little tricks that will make it stand out and get you the attention you want. The most important of all tips is to keep your sanity and not let this task upset you in any way. You can make this stressful task easier by using a sample of someone else’s resume found online as an example.

If your resume lacks focus and is not straight forward about your career goals, the time you spent writing it is probably wasted. Your potential employers go through resumes very quickly and they are searching for key focus words that stand out and make them think you are or are not suitable for the position they are offering. That is why your resume must focus on your strengths and values that make you the right candidate for the position you are applying for. You want to show that your skills are applicable to the position you are targeting. You can make sure that your resume has a sharp focus by customizing it for every position you apply for. You can read more about sharpening the focus of your resume here.

As most resumes are now handled by the Applicant Tracking Systems (APS), which go through resumes looking for keywords in applications when looking for the right candidate, your resume needs to be rich in relevant keywords in order for the application to be noticed by this program, and to improve your chances of getting hired. More about resume keywords here.

If your resume passes through APS and reaches the human eye, it needs to be well written and readable if you want that human eye to read it all. This means using a simple font and layout. Moreover, you should focus on your accomplishments that make you stand out from the other candidates. What problems did you successfully deal with and what did you do to overcome them? How did you contribute to your previous company? If you can’t think of anything to put down as accomplishments, maybe this will help you out.

The perfect resume contains prioritized information. This means that the information you put in should be listed according to importance, the most important (title/position) being the first. Basically, you should put the facts that sell you best at the top. If you have just finished your education, that is what you will put as the most important information, while if you have years of experience, that will be your selling point.

To improve the readability and catch the eye of your potential employers, you should eliminate all the unnecessary information from your resume. These include unnecessary dates (as dates of your participation in organizations), articles “a”, “the”, etc. Also, it is completely unnecessary stating that you will provide more information upon request – that is something that is implied.

Provide evidence and use numbers that clarify the results you achieved and the percentage by which you improved the state of your previous/current business – employers like seeing these kinds of facts and evidence, and it makes your resume stand out.

Furthermore, you simply need to make sure your resume is free of grammar mistakes and typos. This is one of the most important factors. Having misspellings, and other types of mistakes makes you look unprofessional and your resume will not be seriously observed and won’t be given the attention it deserves. So, in order to ensure everything is in order, proofread your resume multiple times, not letting anything to chance. Give it to someone else to proofread it as well, to make sure you don’t miss anything. Also, you should have someone check if the language you used is appropriate for your resume and correct something if necessary.

Finally, don’t let your resume stagnate. As your experience gets richer, your resume should, too. Every new accomplishment should immediately be added. Update it and change what needs to be changed. If you are not getting any job interviews, consider what changes need to be done so that your resume represents you in the best way possible. If you think you can’t do it on your own, there is nothing wrong with hiring a professional to help you and improve your chances of getting the job you want.