Celebrity diets

Good nutrition is vital when it comes to celebrities. Many world-wide known superstars are ready to abstain from various food and keep their super lines and look. Some celebrities are even ready to go that far and forget about all the food which provides them with pleasure. Check celebrity Instagram accounts for more info.

Keto diet is very popular for celebrities who try to reduce their weight fast. It is a popular low-carb diet where the intake of fruit and some vegetables are reduced to a minimum, while sweets and simple sugars are prohibited. The most of their energy comes from ketones, which are created in the liver and used as energy.

Macrobiotic diet means abolishing from eggs, wheat, meat, and dairy. It emphasizes the importance of “sea vegetables”.  It is Madona’s choice, and you can see what many other superstars do by clicking on celebrity Instagram accounts.

Other celebrities, like Halle Berry, are diabetics by nature, so they spend a whole life on a diet. They mustn’t eat simple sugars and groceries with moderate or high glycemic index. It means abstinence from simple sugars, some fruits, white rice, and potatoes, and more energy from the groceries which needs more time to digest or turn to energy.

The most often case are celebrities which are the fans of an organic diet. Lucy Liu only looks whether the food is organic or not. If it isn’t, she will simply skip it.

Other celebrities, like Julia Roberts, show no fear of carbs. For example, Julia sometimes eats slices of pizza every 45 minutes, and she still looks great. Her diet is based on counting calories. Julia strictly follows her basal metabolism values, and she tries to remain in her daily needs at all costs.