Celebrity Fashion Secrets: Dress Like a Celebrity

Celebrities may have the money to buy anything they want, but you really don’t need the bank account of Nicole Kidman to dress like a celebrity. By following celebrity style and fashion tips and choosing your wardrobe wisely, you can exude the same sense of style and polish with your own clothing that the stars do with theirs. Here are some ways to dress with the flair and panache of a wealthy celebrity:

Choose classic pieces as the foundation of your wardrobe.

Celebrities most often applauded for their sense of style usually wear, well made classic pieces rather than fussy, loud, or overly trendy clothing. Rather than have a large wardrobe of inexpensive pieces of poor quality, invest your money in fewer, well made, classic pieces in solid colors that will coordinate with one another. Learn to recognize quality fabric by visiting high end boutiques and touching the fabrics you see. If you can’t afford to purchase the high end designer version, at least you’ll be able to choose a less expensive, high quality substitute.

Choose a core color.

When you build your wardrobe, build it around a few neutral colors that are flattering on you. Black, brown, dark grays, and taupes are versatile and easy to intermix with other items in your wardrobe. When you build a wardrobe around too many colors, it can make your clothing difficult to coordinate. When you build your wardrobe around a few basic colors, the combinations you can create are almost endless.

Create interest with accessories

When you build a basic wardrobe of well made items, you can add versatility and interest with accessories. Many of the best dressed celebrities have on very simple, elegant outfits which they’ve enhanced with eye catching scarves, jewelry, and purses. Expand your wardrobe of stylish accessories and you can sport a different look every time you go out.

Carry a designer handbag

Even if you can’t afford high end designer clothing, a designer bag may be worth the investment. Not only will it last indefinitely, it will reflect the fact that you have style and taste. Choose a neutral shade that will coordinate with most of the outfits in your closet for maximum versatility.

Less is sometimes more.

Don’t make the mistake of exposing too much skin or wearing too many accessories. This can cheapen an otherwise elegant look. If you have on a pair of dynamite earrings, go light on the necklace or consider keeping your neck bare or add a subtle scarf. Too many accessories is overkill. Be careful to avoid wearing extremely low cut tops or dangerously short skirts. Celebrities that commit this faux paux often show up on People magazine’s worst dressed list.

Make sure everything fits.

Both your outerwear as well as your underwear should fit well if you want to dress like a celebrity. Don’t spoil an otherwise elegant look with clothing that’s too tight or a bra that doesn’t support your breasts. If a piece of clothing doesn’t fit, have it altered or give it to a friend.

Why not give these celebrity fashion tips a try?