Common Manicure Mistakes Most Women Make 

Painting our nails, how difficult can it be to do it right? Well, apparently we make m+more mistakes than we realize resulting either in messy disasters during the process or in our manicure being ruined quite quickly after it’s done. But luckily, we can easily avoid these mistakes, as soon as we figure out we’re making them.

1. Using the wrong technique

Experts say that the best way of applying a nail polish is in two thin layers instead of one thick one. And when you come to think of it, it’s totally true since that thick layer takes ages to dry and it’s easily smudged. So, apply one thin layer on all your nails, wait 2 minutes, and then apply another one. Pay attention how you do this, because the correct way is using three brushes – one in the middle and two on the sides. Applying more than that just ends up looking messy.

2. Shaking the nail polish bottle

We all do this – in order to restore the composition of the nail polish, we shake the bottle. But we have been wrong a along because shaking the bottle this way creates bubbles in the nail polish which results in chapped manicure and other imperfections. Roll the nail polish between your hands instead for a better effect.

3. Not sealing the tips

This littlUe detail can cost you your manicure in just a day. If we don’t seal the tip of our nails after we’ve applied the layer of nail polish, we can expect chipped manicure, especially since we constantly use our nails on our computers and phones which affects the tip of the nails. So glide the brush along the tip of the nail and expect you manicure to last much longer.

4. Going to bed right after

We find it convenient to apply nail polish when we finally get some time right before bed. And, nail polish can be tricky – how many times has it happened to you that you’re convinced your nails have dried but then you touch them and they’re smudged. It’s extremely annoying, especially considering that some nail polish can take up to 12 hours to completely dry. Now imagine going to bed right after the manicure, it can end up with catastrophic consequences in the morning.

5. Skipping the basecoat or/and the topcoat

Basecoat and topcoat are extremely important parts of the manicure, but we often neglect them since we think we don’t have time. But without them, the manicure will last shorter. For example, the basecoat gives your nail polish something to attach to, and it protects your nails from the damage that nail polish can cause (darker nails, yellow nails). Topcoat adds the final touch to your manicure and protects it from getting ruined fast. Your best option is using the regular topcoat instead of fast-drying one since it’s much better against chipping and smudging.

6. Using Q tips for mistakes

Making mistakes during the manicure is perfectly normal and we all make them. However, it’s even worse if we try to correct them by using Q tips to remove the excess of nail polish. But Q tips are too fuzzy, and they have a lot of tiny hairs that can easily get onto your nail. Since your nail polish is still wet at this point, the hairs get stuck on the nail and ruin your manicure. Instead, you can use an old makeup brush with some remover.

7. Applying the manicure on dirty nails

The dirt on your nails doesn’t have to be visible – it’s the dust, the hand cream, nail polish residue, etc. And this can heavily affect your manicure. So make sure you wash your hands and nails well before even starting the application. If there’s dirt on the nails, the manicure won’t adhere to the nail properly which leads to chipping. But after you’ve washed your hands, also make sure your nails are completely dry because water can have the same effect as dirt.

8. Not preparing the nails

Just like having dirty nails can affect the manicure, having imperfections and not preparing the surface will have the same effect. Just think of it as your face – you always need to wash your face and apply moisturizer before applying makeup. This is what you should do with your nails too – before applying the nail polish, apply the remover one more time to make sure no nail polish residues have remained (but don’t use the oil-based remover). If there’s a need, glide the nail file on top of the nails to make them perfectly flat.

9. Forgetting about the manicure

This should go without saying, but once you’ve finished your manicure, take care of your hands. Avoid things that can quickly destroy everything you’ve patiently done in matter of seconds. Washing the dishes is one of these things – if you’re going to do it, put the rubber gloves on. Moreover, warm water and warm air can easily ruin your manicure if it hasn’t completely dried off. So avoid washing your hands in warm water, or even using the hair dryer a couple of hours after the manicure.